Titanium VS Quartz Nails - Who’s King?

Titanium VS Quartz Nails - Who’s King?

You’re on the hunt for a new dab nail. You have quite a few options in front of you, but titanium and quartz are your best bets. They’re both really great nails. So, how do you choose between the two? Well, let’s run through everything you need to know below. 

Titanium Nails 

Titanium nails are expensive. But at the end of the day, they’re worth it, as titanium is a very strong material. 

You can probably guess that they’re great for high temp dabs. Titanium is known to be the most durable nail on the market, after all.

Titanium nails give good flavour. However, they can’t beat their quartz counterparts. Unless you season them well, you might get a funky taste. 

Let’s not forget that the nails are heavy too. But this isn’t really an issue. 

That being said, titanium is great at heat retention. It’s no surprise that it takes a long time to heat, however. 

Quartz Nails 

Quartz nails are not cheap. They’re not as costly as their titanium counterparts though. Like titanium, quartz is a very hard material, so you can high temp with it too. But can it handle temperatures as high as titanium? Definitely not.

They’re known for their taste. Quartz nails will give you the smoothest possible taste, capturing the most flavour. 

The cherry on top is the fact that they’re quite light. They can fit all types of rigs. 

They don’t take long to heat up. In the blink of an eye your quartz banger would be piping hot. This is something titanium can’t achieve. However, titanium is better at heat retention than quartz. 


Quartz Bangers

Titanium Nails


Quartz is much tougher than ceramic nails. 

Titanium is a very tough material and is much stronger than Quartz bangers.


Quartz nails are known to provide the best taste. You’ll really be capturing the flavour of your dabs.

Titanium nails aren’t as smooth. 

Time to Heat Up

Quartz takes only around 5-10 seconds to heat up.

Titanium nails take around a minute to heat up.

Heat retention 

Not as good. In a little over 10 seconds the heat’s gone.

Very good. They can hold heat for up to 40 seconds.


Quartz nails are cheaper than Titanium ones.

Titanium nails are more expensive.


Being a mineral like glass, quartz nails are not that heavy.

Titanium can be quite top heavy. . 


What’s the Verdict? 

If you want a durable nail that can reach very high temperatures, go for a titanium nail. Remember that the taste may be affected, however. This doesn’t mean that quartz can’t handle high temperatures, they just won’t be as high as titanium.