• Domeless
  • Clear or Frosted Joint
  • Edge - Rounded
  • 20mm Enail Coil Recommended

 The Honeycomb Barrel Enail is out-of-this-world wild. This is an insanely awesome domeless quartz banger, providing a whole new level of dabbing most are unfamiliar with. And this innovation gives a dab sesh no dabber will soon forget.

With a frosted joint design, there is nothing else like the Honeycomb Barrel Enail in the dabbing industry today. These are surprisingly desirable and aesthetically flawless, providing a piece that stands out amidst all others in the best way possible.

Honeycomb Barrel Enails come in either 14mm or 18mm enail banger, and you’ll be able to choose between a male or female connector. With these options, you’ll find purchasing the right banger to fit your rig has never been easier. Place your order and experience greatness with the Honeycomb Barrel Enail Banger.

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