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Electric Nail (E-Nail)

Kit includes:

  • Electronic Nail Heater Unit, Power Cord, & Coil
  • 1 Titanium Nail Hybrid Nail
  • 1 Titanium  Sword Carb Cap
  • 1 Ceramic-Tip Tweezers
  • 2 Silicone Containers
  • 1 Carrying Case

Looking for a quality e-nail kit that’s going to blow your mind every time you use it? Then look no further than this all-inclusive Electric Nail kit. The Electric Nail is a premium must-have kit including everything any dabber could possibly want. With the main attraction of this kit being the electronic nail heater unit, the add-ons bring this kit to the next level with ease. This kit was designed with the idea that a portable e-nail kit is something dabbers would appreciate. Whether you’re just starting out dabbing or have been dabbing for a long time, our electric nail kit is bringing ease of use paired with a compact design dabbers at any level will appreciate.


Slapping fat dabs on your new electronic nail heater will make dabbing easier than ever. Simply plug in the e-nail, heat it up, and you’re good to dab! And this ensures you can dab without a blow torch, minimizing what you need to carry whenever you’re bringing your setup somewhere else. While these kits are beyond simple to use, the real treat is how many awesome tools your kit will include. With so many extra tools and quality parts included in this kit, you’ll find no other kit in the industry today will bring the level of satisfaction coming with our Electric Nail kit. So let’s discuss the direction we decided to go when jam packing our Electric Nail kit full of value.


As with any kit, we decided consumers need a banger that’s beyond durable and sporting some insane usability. And with the Titanium Nail Hybrid, dabbers receive a solid piece composed of some of the highest quality Grade 2 Titanium money can buy! You’ll never have to worry about breaking this bad boy as it’s boasting serious durability, ensuring replacing a banger isn’t likely to be an issue. This piece includes a  22.5mm quartz dish, and with such a wide dish, you’ll never have to worry about this piece being too small to handle a fat a slab of oil. The Titanium Nail Hybrid will fit your electronic nail like a glove, and with this piece being compatible with male and female joints, it’ll fit on most other rigs too! So if you have a rig you enjoy using at home, you’ll find slapping this piece on it is also an option. These are super versatile as well, meaning you can use the Titanium Nail Hybrid with most 25mm carb caps!

So what’s an awesome kit without a tool to cut and scrape? That’s right. The Electric Nail kit also includes a Titanium Sword Carb Cap, bringing you an insane tool that’ll tackle all of your toughest tool needs while allowing you to cap your dish without hesitation. These carb caps give dabbers optimal covering capacity for those super fat dabs, so pile your concentrate into your dish and rip it hard! What’s truly awesome about these tools is how the sword tip design goes beyond its sweet aesthetic, bringing a level of versatility that this tool has become known for in the industry. The sword tip really makes cutting and scraping any undesirable product waste beyond easy. With a slice and a scrape, you’ll have a fat dab ready for the heat! It’s also possible to unscrew the sword from the lid for the times when you’d prefer to use the carb cap alone!

There are always instances when precision is necessary as a dabber, and with this in mind, we decided to add this tool to the kit as well. One of the most prized tools the Electric Nail kit brings to the table is a pair of Ceramic-Tip Tweezers, giving you a tool that’s going to blow your mind every time you whip it out. These come in serious handy whenever you’re looking to toss some thick herbal wax on your e-nail, and with the ceramic-coated tips, you’ll never have an issue with heat resistance as you’re throwing the oil down. Next-level heat is no match for these sweet tweezers, and the ceramic tips don’t just bring on unbelievable heat capacity; you’ll have the precision you need to pinch the slightest piece of herbal concentrate for those times you’re looking for a quick buzz. Needless to say, this tool will quickly become your go-to piece for handling teeny-tiny to massive globs of concentrate.

You might be wondering how you’re going to transport your quality herbal concentrates when you bring your kit out of the house with you. Well, we’ve thought of that as well! That’s why your kit is also going to come with two of our branded silicone containers, bringing forth some incredible capacity to hold your concentrates. These concentrate containers are the epitome of quality, and with a stunning aesthetic, whipping out your oil is always going to be a pleasure. Whether you need to hold a lot or a little, these concentrate containers will ensure your dabs always stay fresh and never get contaminated by other materials. For anyone interested in keeping their oil clean and avoiding a mess, these concentrate containers are a serious blessing. Forged from 100% silicone, your new concentrate containers are FDA certified, ensuring you’re using the utmost quality when it comes to storing your herbal wax. Take these silicone containers wherever you go, and experience how easy it is to pack up and travel without a fuss using this e-nail kit.

With such an in-depth kit, you’re going to need a sick carrying case as well. Your new carrying case is going to store your e-nail, the wires, the tools, and your storage containers. This case is soft yet hard enough to protect everything inside of it. The durability this thing is sporting is never going to let you down, making bringing this kit anywhere easy and risk-free. With this ease of use, the world will be your oyster. Regardless of where you’re going, catching a buzz is made simple with the Honeybee Herb Electric Nail kit, and you’ll love having an all-inclusive kit providing you with the freedom you crave.