Dab Cup Championship

We know you’re dying to get in front of that camera and start ripping dabs, so we will cut right to the chase and let you start planning your journey to become the next Dab Cup Champion! The rules are simple:

1. Record a video of your most insane dab with your Honeybee Herb Banger or Nail.

2. Make sure the Dab Cup Championship card is visible in the video can be seen through the smoke!

3. Upload your video to Instagram using #HoneybeeherbDABCUP and tag us using @Honeybeeherb.

4. Next DM us a quick screenshot when findinished for or records.

5. Each quarter 3 finalists will be chosen to enter the finals and square off against the current champion! Everyone will take one more rip and video for a chance to walk away the next Honeybee Herb Dab Cup Champion!

6. The BeeHive Community will vote on the videos and select both the finalist and the champion! The one with the most votes will walk away with the Cup!

So why go through the hassle? Besides the fact that it’s not a hassle and we already know post sick dab videos on the reg. Well, the winner claims ownership over the coveted Honeybee Herb Dab Cup and gets to open up a brand-new free quartz banger. So get your video on and let’s do this!

(Rules & Prizes are subject to change at anytime)