HONEY HIVE CARB CAP $14.99 Free Shipping
Get the best of dabbing with the premium Honey Hive bubble carb cap. Regardless of how hot you like your dabs, this cap will help you improve efficiency and flavor. You can use it to direct airflow but also spin your terps when you pair it with some terp pearls. The vortex spinner design will give the pearls ample space for movement to do their magic. Spin those terps with the classy Honey Hive carb cap by Honeybee Herb. This cap is made with scientific-grade borosilicate glass and is a beautiful tiny piece of art. The spinner design allows ample airflow to reach your materials, but this cap works best when paired with a terp pearl. When you add the pearl it will spin inside your quratz banger, minimizing waste and maximizing vapor production. It is a great choice for seasoned dabbers who like high-quality, multi-functional tools.
HONEY TOPPER CARB CAP $11.25 Free Shipping
Looking for a carb cap for your honey pot? Then you need the Honey Topper Carb Cap. These carb caps will meet all of your carb cap needs without hesitation. Regardless of how fat of a slab you toss on your rig, you’re going to find the Honey Topper Carb Cap comes out swinging every time. With the Honey Topper Carb Cap, you’ll have a carb cap that’s not only capable but stunning as well. The quartz construction brings a beautiful aesthetic to the table. But even though it’s made from glass, it’s beyond durable with its thick design. That’s right. The Honey Topper Carb Cap is thick in all the right places, ensuring an accidental fall will result in minimal damage. What are you waiting for? Toss this in your cart. What’s this? A friend for your Honey Topper Carb Cap? For those of you looking for the perfect piece for your Honey Topper Carb Cap, you’ll want to check out our incredible product line of quality  quartz bangers. Become the envy of all your dabber friends by including one of these bad boys in your cart. What are you waiting for? Here’s your invitation. Let’s make it happen now.
Amazing craftsmanship with a great function, durability. There are these dual spiral holes that create a vortex inside the banger.This vortex is responsible to spin the air and terp the pearls in order to agitate the concentrated material. This is done for more efficient vaporization. This quartz dual spinner cap provides two functions, one side acts as a bubble carb cap, while the flip side is a directional cap. This carb cap is going to blow your mind with best-concentrated dabs.
Quartz Honey Hive Carb Cap
Quartz Honey Hive Carb Cap $19.99 Free Shipping
The popular Honey Hive Carb Cap just now in a Quartz model!
HONEY BUBBLE CARB CAP $14.99 Free Shipping
The Honey Bubble Carp Cap allows concentrates to move easily around the surface area of your banger for maximum vapor production. With a single carb hole on top of the bubble, airflow is easier to control. By using a Honey Bee Bubble Carp Cap you can be sure to leave no puddles behind in your quartz banger which means no waste! Bubble shape is beneficial for redirecting airflow and will Efficiently trap heat for even heat distribution. The HONEY BUBBLE CARB CAP was Created from high-quality borosilicate and this Carb Caps Hole for improved airflow. So order one today before it’s too late.
Spin Those Terps or Direct That Air. are you not able to decide between a spinner carb cap and a bubble carb cap? The Honey Bubble Hive Cap takes the best of both styles of carb caps and fuses them together. Big glob or small cold start dab? This is the cap to take your setup to the next level! With The Bubble Hive spinner airflow design, you can pair with a set of terp pearls for maximum heat retention or physically move the cap to direct airflow with ease thanks to the bubble shape of the cap. Multi-use design allows the cap to be used with or without terp pearls. Hive vortex spinner design allows ample movement with terp pearls. Bubble design allows for directional airflow without the need for terp pearls.
QUARTZ BUBBLE CARB CAP $19.99 Free Shipping
The quart bubble cap is the latest technology in the spinner caps. The spin banger is going to bead with ease and is also compatible with the 25 mm nail heads. This equipment also features a spiral deep carved and the polished quartz disc with an additional quartz handle. This banger is made from the high-quality quartz that the eternal uses to make the banger. You can leave this cap on your banger while retorching if needed. This will allow for the lower temp dabs as compared to the regular cold cap. This equipment can also be used cold like the regular spinner cap. This banger is perfect for regular dabs and for the users who want to inhale for long hauls.
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QUARTZ STAMP CARB CAP $19.99 Free Shipping
The quartz carving spinner cap is compatible with 25mm or smaller bangers. This is the latest technology in the spinner caps. This is going to spin the banger beads very easily. It also features polished quartz with an additional quartz handle and a deeply carved spiral. This equipment has been designed and made from FDA-grade premium quartz crystal, they partner perfectly with any thermal nail to deliver maximum heat retention and temperature consistency for dab sessions like no other.So now do not leave your dabs out in the cold and fight the good fight for better hits with a Quartz Thermal Carb Cap from Honeybee Herb.
The quartz stub bubble carb caps are a trending tool for the maximum enjoyment of your extracts and other legal oils. The elongated stems direct the airflow as you inhale.The center bubble sits on the top of your quartz banger (works best with thermal bangers). Use the top stem to roll the bubble around to maximize vaporization. Works best for those who enjoy low temp dabs and for those who really like to savor their hits. A QUARTZ STUB BUBBLE CARB CAP is a fundamental instrument intended for use with domeless nails. To use a carb caps, heat up your heating component, put your oil or focuses on the nail, and afterward place the carb cap over the domeless nail. These gadgets have a little opening to limit wind stream to your nail and increment flavor. In the event that you dab without a carb caps, you'll be continually maneuvering cold air into the office of your nail. This progression of air will chill off your heating component and concentrates before you can appreciate the entirety of the flavors your concentrates have to bring to the table. Dabbing without a QUARTZ STUB BUBBLE CARB CAP compels you to take higher temp dabs, obliterating the terpenes in your concentrates.