Titanium nails are an tools used for the consuming of lawful fundamental oils and concentrate. These 14mm titanium nail fit an various water lines and vapor rigs that is also called as the concentrate rigs and have extreme toughness and high heat maintenance. 

To use a titanium nail, you just heat up the nail using a torch, then, at that point place your lawful focuses on the nail. Upon contact, the hot nail vaporizers the moves into vapor for consuming through the line. 

We convey nails that will fit any 10mm, 14mm, or 18mm joint. Titanium  dab rig banger are a device used to help with the use of lawful oils and focuses. Dabbers have one capacity, to apply the oils or waxes to the heated nail. In case you're searching for high-quality grade 2 titanium nails at the least costs, then, at that point you went to the right spot! 

Titanium nails are a heating component for use with concentrates and oils, broadly used because they're the most sturdydab rig nail available. In contrast to glass and ceramic nails, titanium nails will not break on affect or break when heated erroneously. 

Titanium requires longer heating times than glass and quartz nails, however it has strong heat maintenance. In case you're a dabber that appreciates low temp spots, it will take you longer to arrive at ideal dabbing temperatures on a titanium nail than quartz. Then again, titanium cools at a lot quicker rate than ceramic, so the time difference is negligible when using for the long hauls. 

In case you're searching for completely movable titanium nails for use with a dome, there's a super choice underneath. Is it accurate to say that you are a fanatic of domeless nails? We have a wide variety, from generalrig nail that fit any joint to examples with solid sidearms. 

In case you're thinking about scooping another domeless titanium nail, remember to put your money and resources into another carb cap!  Carp caps are essential tools for dabbers who want to enjoy the full flavor and effects of their concentrates.

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