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Dabber Stand for Quartz Bangers - Glass Dab Tools | Honeybee Herb
DABBER STAND $17.00 $19.99
Do you struggle with always trying to find your dab tools or carb caps? The dab station named Dabber Stand from Honeybee Herb is your solution. The Dabber Stand is the perfect spot to keep your dabbers and carb caps in one organized area. Made from glass; this super sleek design will compliment any dab station or set up.  The Dabber Stand is 83mm tall and 4mm thick and has a base of 54mm. The fact that this dab station kit is made from glass enables easy cleaning of the stickiest of concentrates. The larger area is perfect for your carb caps and accessories, while the angled side tube will fit and hold your dab tool.  This dab station is ideal for keeping your tools and caps from having dirt or other things stick to them when not in use. Grab a Dabber Stand today and pick up a Titanium Concentrate Tool, available in Gold or Silver at Honeybeeherb.com. Again there is an X-Shaped Banger Stand to keep the banger clean.
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DAB TOOL HOLDER V2 $17.00 $19.99
This elegantly designed, 3d printed 5-tier dab tool rack can show off your titanium and glass tools. Goes great with our pieces in the collection: Dab Station, Accessory Insert Tray and Banger Holder.
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X-Shaped Banger Stand | Honeybee Herb
X-Shaped Banger Stand $10.20 $11.99
1" Tall 3.5" Base Material - High Grade Plastic 14mm Female Joint Nowhere to put your bangers while they are not being used? Would you like to display your bangers by themselves? You need an X-Shaped Banger Display Stand!   This plastic X-shaped stand will hold virtually any 14mm male banger so you don't have to lay them down or put them in a spot where they may be damaged or broken.    The base extends 3.5 inches across both sides and stands 1" tall, providing a stable and safe place to rest your bangers. This X-shaped dab stand of Honeybee Herb dab station is one of the most useful tools for dabbers, as it allows them to keep their x-banger separate from other stuff.   Combine with an ISO Pump Station to give your dab setup a real clean upgrade!
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Honeybee Herb Wooden Banger Stand. Holds 9 Bangers - 14mm Male 90 Degree