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90° Degree Dual Spinner 30mm Outer & 8mm Spout Diameter Quartz Carb Cap
Material - Quartz Universally Compatible - Yes Outer Diameter - 30mm Spout Diameter - 8mm Spout Diameter when flipped - 18mm Auto Spin - Yes Recommended Pairing - Original Sidecar   Amazing craftsmanship with great function and durability. There are these dual spiral holes that create a vortex inside the quartz banger. The Dual Spinner Carb Cap from Honeybee Herb will keep your terps spinning so you can enjoy more dabs. In addition to keeping dab pearls in place, this cap also promotes more vapor production by spinning around inside your banger nail.  This vortex carb cap is responsible for spinning the air and terp the pearls in order to agitate the concentrated material. This is done for more efficient vaporization. This quartz dual spinner carb cap provides two functions, one side acts as a bubble carb cap, while the flip side is a directional/spinner carb cap. It adds a touch of class to any dab rig with its tiny piece of functional art. We recommend pairing this dual spinner dab carb cap with our original Sidecar Quartz Banger. It's best to pair these two together for the best dubbing experience.  This carb cap is going to blow your mind!
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Quartz Honey Hive 30mm Outer & 18mm Spout Diameter Auto Spin Carb Cap
Material - Quartz Universally Compatible - No Outer Diameter - 30mm Spout Diameter - 18mm Auto Spin - Yes Recommended Pairing - Core Reactor,  The famous Honey Hive Carb Cap is just now in a Quartz model! This dab carb cap must be paired with a quartz nail that has a diameter no smaller than 20mm for proper function.   The Quartz Honey Hive Carb Cap features an auto-spinning function in which air is brought in through the top and channeled at an angle through the cap and into your nail. This vortex will cause your dab balls and product to spin, resulting in efficient vaporization of your product. If you are having difficulty getting your pearls to spin, it could be your cap. Adding the Quartz Honey Hive Carb Cap to your dab arsenal will almost guarantee that your pearls are going to go crazy!   With the added feature of being solidly made from 100% Quartz, this beautiful carb cap for banger is just as strong and resilient as it is eye-catching.   Be aware that this nail is only compatible with glass or quartz bangers that are 20mm and larger in inner diameter.    In order to give you the best dabbing experience, we recommend you use our Core Reactor Quartz Banger with this dab carb cap. Browse Honeybee Herb’s other dab tool with a carb cap.
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Quartz Bubble 22mm Outer & 8mm Spout Diameter 90° Degree Carb Cap Black Packaging View
Material - Quartz Universally Compatible - No (must be used with a nail 22mm or smaller) Outer Diameter - 22mm Spout Diameter - 8mm Auto Spin - No Recommended Pairing - Original Quartz Banger The quartz bubble carb cap is the latest technology in the spinner carb caps. The spin banger is going to bead with ease and is also compatible with the 25 mm banger nail heads. This equipment also features a spiral deep carved and the polished quartz disc with an additional quartz handle. This banger nail is made from the high-quality quartz that the eternal uses to make the dab banger. You can leave this dabbing carb cap on your dab banger while retouching if needed. This will allow for the lower temp dabs as compared to the regular cold cap. This equipment can also be used cold like the regular spinner cap. This banger nail is perfect for regular dabs and for users who want to inhale for long hauls.  This quartz bubble crab cap for banger fits very well with our Original Quartz Banger. So you can take this quartz banger with this crab cap for a better dabbing experience.
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Quartz Stamp Disc Shaped 30mm Outer Diameter 90° Carb Cap Black Packaging View
Material - Quartz Universally Compatible - Yes Outer Diameter - 30mm Spout Diameter - N/A Auto Spin - No Recommended Pairing - Whirlwind Style The Quartz Stamp Carb Cap functions by placing the disc-shaped cap on top of your nail. This will create a seal between the lip of your glass banger and the bottom of the Stamp Carb Cap. Lifting the cap up and down will create pressure in the nail and result in the carburation of your product. This dab carb cap is compatible with our bucket-style nails but works best with a Whirlwind style banger.    This equipment has been designed and made from FDA-grade premium quartz crystal.    So now do not leave your dabs out in the cold and fight the good fight for better hits with a Quartz Thermal Carb Cap from Honeybee Herb. 
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Quartz Stub Bubble 22mm Outer & 8mm Spout Diameter Carb Cap
Material - Quartz Universally Compatible - YES Outer Diameter - 22mm  Spout Diameter - 8mm Auto Spin - No Recommended Pairing - Honey Barrell  The quartz stub bubble carb caps are a trending tool for the maximum enjoyment of your extracts and other legal oils. The elongated stems direct the airflow as you inhale. The center bubble sits on the top of your dab rig banger (works best with thermal bangers). Use the top stem to roll the bubble around to maximize vaporization. It works best for those who enjoy low temp dabs and for those who really like to savor their hits. Be advised that this dab carb cap is only compatible with bangers 22mm and smaller in inner diameter. A QUARTZ STUB BUBBLE CARB CAP is a fundamental instrument intended for use with domeless nails. To use a banger carb cap, heat up your heating component, put your oil or focus on the nail, and afterward, place the carb cap over the domeless nail. These gadgets have a little opening to limit the wind stream to your nail and increment flavor. In the event that you dab without carb caps, you'll be continually maneuvering cold air into the office of your nail. This progression of air will chill off your heating component and concentrates before you can appreciate the entirety of the flavors your concentrates have to bring to the table. Dabbing without a QUARTZ STUB BUBBLE CARB CAP compels you to take higher temp dabs, obliterating the terpenes in your concentrates. Our Honey Barrell quartz banger fits very well with this crab cap. So you can try this quartz banger with this Quartz Stub Bubble Crab Cap.