What Is A Carb Cap And How To Use A Carb Cap?

What Is A Carb Cap And How To Use A Carb Cap
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September 13, 2023

You require several different items when you are first getting into dabbing. A Carb Cap is one of those essential items. This blog will discuss what a Carb Cap is and how it is used. Keep reading to learn more!

What Is A Carb Cap?

A Carb Cap is a cap that covers and seals the top of your banger, creating an airtight seal and a vortex of vapor as you inhale your dab. This seal and function are essential in vapor production; vapor production would be minimal without the Cap.

Why Do You Need A Carb Cap To Dab?

Dabbing without a Carb Cap is doable, but it doesn't give you the vapor production and smoke the way your dabs deserve. The purpose of the dab caps is for the airtight seal for maximum vaporization. Without the airtight seal, your smoke dissipates, and you waste more than you inhale.

How Do You Use A Carb Cap?

Using a Carb Cap is easy. Here are some quick steps to use your Carb Cap with Banger correctly and efficiently.

Prepare Your Dab Rig: Prepare your dab rig and dab station. Ensure you have all necessary items handy, clean, and ready to use. Fill your Dab Rig with clean water.

Heat The banger: Heat your dab banger to your desired temperature and relax briefly.

Load Your Concentrate: Load your concentrate onto your dabber tool and place it into your heated banger nail.

Place The Carb Cap: Seat your Carb Cap onto the compatible and heated banger.

Start Inhaling: Begin inhaling your vapor.

Rotate And Swirl: Depending on the type of Carb Cap, you can rotate it for extra airflow distribution and function.

Finish Inhaling: Inhale the remaining vapor and exhale.

Remove Carb Cap: Remove and wash your Carb Cap with an iso-dipped swab and store.

Popular Styles Of Carb Caps From Honeybee Herb

Honey Hive Carb Cap

The Honey Hive Carb Cap has a vortex design that will help you improve efficiency and flavor. You can use it to direct airflow but also spin your terps when you pair it with some terp pearls

This carb cap functions by sitting on top of your nail, creating a seal between the bottom of the carb cap and the rim of the dab banger.

Quartz Dual Spinner Carb Cap

This Quartz Dual Spinner Carb Cap has two functions: one side acts as a bubble carb cap, and the flip side is a directional/spinner carb cap. It adds a touch of class to any dab rig with its tiny piece of functional art. 

It has fantastic craftsmanship with great function and durability. These dual spiral holes create a vortex inside the quartz banger.

Honey Hive Bubble Carb Cap

With the Bubble Hive spinner airflow design, you can pair it with a set of terp pearls for maximum heat retention or physically move the Cap to direct airflow with ease thanks to the bubble shape of the Cap. 

The multi-use design allows the Cap to be used with or without terp pearls. The vortex spinner cap design allows ample movement with terp pearls. Bubble design allows for directional airflow without the need for dab pearls.

Honey Topper Carb Cap

It is universally compatible with all of our bucket-style nails. This Honey Topper Carb Cap functions by sitting on top of the quartz banger and creating its seal with the bottom of the Cap touching the top of the banger nail. 

With this Cap, you'll have a carb cap that's capable and stunning. The quartz construction brings a beautiful aesthetic to the table. But even though it's made from glass, it's beyond durable with its thick design.

Quartz Honey Hive Carb

The Quartz Honey Hive Carb Cap features an auto-spinning function in which air is brought in through the top and channeled at an angle through the Cap and into your nail. This vortex will cause your terp pearls and product to spin, resulting in the efficient vaporization of your product.

Quartz Stamp Carb Cap

The Quartz Stamp Carb Cap functions by placing the disc-shaped carb cap on your nail. It will create a seal between the lip of your banger and the bottom of the Stamp Carb Cap. Lifting the Cap up and down will put pressure on the nail and result in the carburation of your product.

Factors To Consider When Buying Carb Cap For A Banger?

Consider several things when buying a Carb Cap.

  • What style banger do you have?
  • Do you have a flat-top banger or a banger with a beveled, curved edge?
  • Size of banger
  • Getting the correct size carb cap for a banger.
  • Material
  • Carb Caps can come in many materials, such as glass, silicone, titanium, and quartz.
Quartz Bangers & Dab Nails
Get The Most Feedback By Using Our Quartz Banger With A Carb Cap.


Carb Caps are a needed accessory and addition to your dabbing station. A carb cap helps seal the container airtight. It creates maximum vapor production when it comes to your dabbing experience. 

In your dabbing session, you must buy the perfect carb cap for a banger if you want the best performance. Carb Caps can come in many different shapes, sizes, and styles, and Honeybee Herb has a ton of styles to choose from.

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