Brand Honeybee Herb
Material Cotton



Case Size: Half Case (6packs)

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Honey Swabs for Dabbing | Dab Q Tips for Cleaning Dab Rigs - Honeybee Herb


Half Case (6packs)

Half Case (6packs)
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  • 100% Biodegradable 
  • Strong Bamboo Stick
  • Densely Wound Cotton Ends
  • One Pointed End 
  • One Rounded End 
  • Environmentally Friendly

Honey Swabs and dab q tips are made of very dense and absorbent cotton, making them ideal for cleaning dab rig after every use. In order to benefit from better dabbing experiences, it is essential to maintain your quartz banger and dab nails through a proper cleaning process.


The most common way to clean quartz banger or bong is with cotton swabs or q tips. To ensure that your dabbing experience is as smooth, enjoyable, and flavorful as possible. That's where Honeybee Herb Honey Swabs or q tips come in! 


When it comes to cleaning your dabbing nail, there is no alternative to Honeybee Herb Honey Swabs or dab q tips! In every Honey Swab's full case, there are 12 boxes and in every half case, there are six boxes.