Honey Cups Quartz Inserts 25mm for Quartz Bangers & Nails | Honeybee Herb
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Honey Cup Replacement Set (2 Pack) Replacing your Honey Cup has never been easier than it is with these Honey Cup Replacements. Whether you are swapping yours out because it's old and beat up or you were a little too rough with your original, these replacement parts come in handy when you need them most. Kick your dabbing downtime to the side and get your immediate fix on these replacement pieces.   These are beyond durable, bringing on a level of usability you won't have to be delicate with. Slam your fat slabs of concentrate on these replacement parts with confidence. You will love the performance of these replacement pieces so much that you won't even think about the part you just had to toss out. A quick fix is the best fix, and with these on hand, quick fixes are always just a replacement honey cup away! In the market for a new quartz banger? Then pair replacements with a Honey & Milk piece! This banger is beyond legendary, bringing on durability supported by a 4mm base thickness. And that 90-degree frosted joint is aesthetically gorgeous! Add it to your cart now, so it arrives with your Honey Cup Replacements too!
Honey & Milk Cups Quartz Inserts 25mm for Quartz Bangers & Nails | Honeybee Herb
HONEY & MILK CUPS $14.99 Free Shipping
Honey & Milk Cup Replacement Set (2 Pack) Honey & Milk is a fitting description for this flat-bottomed, flat-topped opaque WHITE base banger. With an outer diameter of 25mm and a solid thickness of 2mm, the Honeybee Herb quality is strong with this one. Made of 100% quartz, the banger comes in both Female or Male joints made to suit almost any waterpipes or bongs. Engineered to withstand high temperatures with a design thought out to distribute heat quickly and evenly, this piece is an ideal option for multiple draw dabs and also comes with a 45° angle design. The frosted bottom and joint level each other out and once again speak the truth about the elegance we like to bring to the table with what could and should be your living-room centerpiece. The frost combines smoothly with the clearness of this piece which we are eager to have you try. This is how we like to think of every product we make and go the extra mile to execute a high-end banger with a high-end performance at a fair price.
Quartz Dishes Inserts 22.5mm For Hybrid | Honeybee Herb
Two pack of replacement quartz dishes for Hybrid If you're looking at the Quartz Dishes For Hybrid, you're likely looking for some durable dishes that are going to last. Rest assured that these are the pieces you need to keep your dab seshes going regardless of what happens to your original quartz dish. Whether you've broken your original quartz dish or think there's a chance you might break yours in the future, these Quartz Dishes For Hybrid are going to perform just as they should and be ready for you to use on hand.   This is a 2-pack of quality dishes of quartz insert. You'll choose between a 22.5mm or 25mm Size for your dishes. And regardless of the size you choose, know you're getting quality quartz dishes sporting some serious durability. All in all, there's no better option on the market than these awesome quartz dishes. So if you're considering purchasing these spare hybrid quartz dishes, add them to your cart right now without second-guessing your decision!   Considering a hybrid enail? Then you need the Titanium 6-in-1 Hybrid! This badass hybrid enail is forged from top-notch Grade 2 Titanium, ensuring you're getting a durable piece that'll last til the end of time. And while it comes with a quartz dish already, it's always good to have backups just in case! Add it to your cart and enjoy this winning combination!