Brand HoneybeeHerb
Cold Start Compatible Yes
Material Quartz
Glass Type Quartz
Glass Style Single Color


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4 Pieces Thick And Durable Quad Cores | Core Reactor Inserts


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  • Quad-Core Set(1 Pack of 4 Cores)

What's better than one core replacement for your Quad Core Reactor Banger? Four of them! That's right. And with the Quad Core Inserts Replacements, that's precisely what you're going to have. These quality replacement quad cores come in serious handy when you need to swap out a core. Whether you find your original wasn't as durable as you hoped or it's just impossible to keep your old cores clean, switching out quad cores is made easy with the Quad Core Replacements.


This dab insert package comes with four durable core replacements. You'll find these quartz inserts for bangers are super durable and bring on a whole new level of performance to your piece. All in all, there's nothing like dabbing with fresh cores on deck. So if you figure you'll need replacements in the near future, these are the perfect purchase.