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Dab Terp Pearls Claw Gold Color Vertical View
DAB CLAW $12.75 $14.99
Specifications Made from Aluminum Comes in three color options: gold, blue, and black Pearls grabbers are used for picking up 8mm or smaller terp pearls. Description The Honeybee Herb Dab Claw is a must-have dabbing accessory! This dab tool makes picking up and placing your terp pearls and other dabbing accessories a breeze! This stainless steel Dab Claw picks up terp pearls 8mm or smaller. This terp pearl picker can be easily cleaned off with iso alcohol and is becoming more and more popular among the dabbing community. Recommendations A Stainless Steel Dab Claw is an accessory recommended for any use with inserts. This ensures you can properly pick up and place your inserts where you want with ease.
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Honeybee Herb Quartz Dishes Tweezers Vertical View
Made from the highest quality stainless steel, these heavy-duty tweezers feature a bent curve handle so you can access and maneuver tight spaces with ease. Whether you’re picking up your inserts or using it as a dabber, Insert Tweezers are an essential addition to any toolbox. All-black and adorned with the Honeybee Herb logo, our tweezers offer value, strength and style that makes them stand out from the rest. Don’t settle for second best – get your Insert Tweezers today and upgrade your tool collection. Looking for a different material such as quartz, glass, titanium or other stainless steel tools visit our full collection.
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Honeybee Herb Stainless Steel Black Terp Pearl Tweezers V3 Vertical View
Pearl Tweezers V3 $17.00 $19.99
Specifications Stainless Steel Round Edge Tweezers Description Have you ever needed a pair of tweezers to pick up those tiny honey terp pearls that regular straight edge tweezers just wouldn't hang on too?? If you have, we have the perfect designed pair of tweezers for you! This is the Honeybee Herb Tweezers, V3. This pair of Tweezers has a round, hollow edge, to be able to grab and grip your terp pearls with ease! No more dropping pearls on the floor and losing them! With these V3 Tweezers, you can easily drop, pick up, and clean your terp pearls with mess free hassle! These are hot item, grab them while you can!