Quartz Dab Straw Spinner Dabbers For Inhale Concentrate | Honeybee Herb
Introducing the newest member of our quartz dab straw family: the quartz spinner dab straw!If you thought our original quartz dab straw was amazing, just wait 'til you get a load of this game-changing device. With its patented spinning technology, your vaping experience will never be the same again.Our quartz spinner dab straw takes all the convenience and potency of our classic model and adds an amazing twist - literally. The unique spinning capsule provides a visually stunning experience as it rotates freely inside the stainless steel frame while you enjoy your terpene-rich vapor. Talk about mind-blowing flavor! No other product on the market can provide such an intense squeal of satisfaction with every puff.Through breathtaking in design, this product is not just eye candy; it's mighty powerful too. Assembled from top quality components, each crystalline coil ensures that your precious concentrates don't go to waste; instead, they'll produce heavenly plumes of vapor every time - at every temperature level with absolutely no clogging. Perfectly portable so you can whip it out whenever the mood strikes, this luxurious item is ready for whatever adventure awaits you.Whether for yourself or for someone special, Quartz Spinner Dab Straw will add a sophisticated edge to any dabbing session with its easy usability and mesmerizing visual appeal. Get yours today!   Please note the colored capsule will vary.
4 Pieces Blue Terp Slurper Set or Dab Marble Set For Banger Nail - Honeybee Herb
DAB MARBLE SETS - 4 PIECE $14.99 Free Shipping
Dab Marble set
Quartz Funnel For High Temp Dabbing - Honeybee Herb
Honeybee Herb Quartz Funnel $12.99 Free Shipping
Introducing Honeybee Herb's Terp Funnel, also known as Terp Titty, the perfect accessory for your dabbing needs! Our funnels are designed to help you achieve a slow and steady release of products, otherwise known as micro-dosing. Experience top-tier quality, too--our funnels are made entirely of quartz. They can handle the same amount of heat that our quartz bangers can. Are you in need of a short or long funnel? We've got you covered with Honeybee Herb's Terp Funnel. Whether it's meant for low-temperature loading or high-temperature dabbing, this funnel is guaranteed to make your life easier. Due to its inner chamber, our funnel helps prevent products from being wasted unnecessarily due to overloading or dropping. Take your dabbing experience up a notch: with Honeybee Herb's Terp Funnel! Upgrade your setup today and enjoy accurate dosing without compromising on quality-our funnel is made from unrivaled quartz material so that you can feel confident in every eye-catching dab. It doesn't get much better than this. Get yours now and take advantage of our unbeatable prices!
Glass Pipe Screen For Bong Bowls | Honeybee Herb
GLASS PIPE SCREEN $9.99 Free Shipping
Are you looking for a replacement or spare glass pipe screen for your Honeybee Herb pipe travel pack? Look no further! Our Honeybee Herb Glass Pipe Screens are just what you need to keep your silicone pipe functioning perfectly. These high-quality, durable glass screens come in a convenient two-pack. They are specifically designed to help reduce the mess of herbal particles that can often accompany smoking from a silicone pipe. Plus, you won’t have to worry about heat build-up either, thanks to the special design that aids in efficient heat distribution. With our Honeybee Herb Glass Pipe Screens, you can rest assured that your silicone pipe will stay fresh and clean. So don’t wait any longer – pick up your two-pack of Honeybee Herb Glass Pipe Screens today! With their superior construction and easy maintenance, they’re sure to keep your glass pipes working like new for a long time.
Glass Flower Bowl for bong with 14mm male joint | Blue FB-10 Bong Bowl - Honeybee Herb
GLASS FLOWER BOWL (FB-10) $19.99 Free Shipping
Our Flower Bowl Slides are the perfect accent to any bong or rig! Whether the sun be shining or clouds obscuring your view, these vibrantly colored slides will always bring a pop of color and charm to your smoking setup. Available in four beautiful shades – blue, red, green, and yellow - these bowl slides feature two small nub handles conveniently designed to make sliding them in and out super easy. Not only do they perform their function as you'd expect, but they'll definitely help draw eyes in now matter what aesthetic you're aiming for – be sure to check out all of our options below! As functional pieces of art that can bring a touch of flare to your environment, these Flower Bowl Slides are an absolute must-have. Check them out today and start living the life you deserve!   Check out or other flower bowls or if you need an adaptor we got you covered.
GLASS FLOWER BOWL (FB-9) $19.99 Free Shipping
Let your inner artist shine with this beautiful two-tone Flower Bowl Slide! Perfect for a unique and eye-catching look on any waterpipe, this slide is filled with vivid vibrant colors swirly patterned in a fabulous flower bowl design. It's the perfect way to customize your glass while adding a hint of brightness and fun to your experience. Made from premium quality materials, this product provides you with smooth function every time you use it. Straightforward to handle and clean, the color combinations give it an edge over other slides. Choose from four different stunning options which look stunning when used together—stand out and be the envy of your friends with this amazing accessory! So why wait? Get creative and add some wow factor to your smoking experience while spicing up your decor with these amazing Flower Bowl Slides today! Check out or other flower bowls or if you need an adaptor we got you covered.
Glass Flower Bowl for bong with 14mm male joint | Blue/Red FB-7 Bong Bowl - Honeybee Herb
GLASS FLOWER BOWL (FB-7) $19.99 Free Shipping
The Full Colored Flower Bowl is a stunning accessory to any heady piece or multicolored water pipe. Transform the look of your favorite smoking setup with this colorful and unique bong bowl piece! Featuring two vibrant, color-coordinated patterns - red/white and blue/red - each bowl is specifically designed to stay full-colored from top to bottom. No plain clear glass here! Plus, you don't have fumble around while removing it; we craft each bong slides complete with a handy nub handle for easy removal. If you’re looking for an eye-catching smoking experience, you won’t be disappointed with the Full Colored 14mm Flower Bowl, perfect for all your multi-hued needs! Check out or other flower bowls or if you need an adaptor we got you covered.
Glass Flower Bowl for bong with 14mm male joint | FB-6 Bong Slide - Honeybee Herb
GLASS FLOWER BOWL (FB-6) $14.99 Free Shipping
We know your smoking experience should be as smooth and care-free as possible, which is why we've upgraded our iconic bubble flower bowl to the newest and most improved version. With its clear glass and size 14mm male joint, this 14mm bowl piecel provides a stronger flow of burning smoke with fewer clogs or blockages due to its newly designed multi-hole screen. No more running around trying to find a paperclip to unclog your single funnel bowl!  Our Flower Bowl has multiple holes, giving you better airflow and fewer chances of clogging—so you can enjoy your smoking session without any disruption. As the preferred choice of smokers everywhere, this updated flower bong bowl will be sure to take your smoking experience up a notch. All for an affordable price as well - don't miss out on this great opportunity to upgrade your equipment now! Check out or other flower bowls or if you need an adaptor we got you covered.
Glass Flower Bowl for bong with 14mm male joint | Blue FB-5 Flower Bong Bowl - Honeybee Herb
GLASS FLOWER BOWL (FB-5) $14.99 Free Shipping
Are you in search of the perfect bong slide? Look no further. Our flower bowl bong slide with built in screen is just what you need to make your vaping experience a dream! The small, yet mighty slider packs a punch, offering great function and portability for those who are on-the-go and want to take their setup with them. Our super durable and long-lasting bong slider makes sure you get smooth hits each time thanks to its built-in screen which also prevents clogging, that can be an issue so often with other slides out there. You can easily pull the slide from the post handle - enabling even bigger rigs to enjoy the same level of efficiency look no further for a great slider solution when it comes to your smoking needs. We currently offer this in two colors which are blue and green.  So why not splurge on something special and invest in our flower bowl bong slide with built in screen today? Trust us, you wont regret it. Looking for something more elegant than checkout our other designs. Or our super popular quartz flower bowls.
Glass Flower Bowl for bong with 14mm male joint | Black FB-4 glass bowl for bong - Honeybee Herb
GLASS FLOWER BOWL (FB-4) $14.99 Free Shipping
Introducing our stunning flower bowl, also known as the bong bowl. It's the perfect accessory for any waterpipe setup! This hexagon shaped glass bowl is sure to impress with its solid colors and unique design. Choose from five unique color options - blue, green, amber, clear, or black - to match your style and complement your waterpipe. No matter what you decide on, you’re sure to create a conversation-worthy centerpiece with this bong flower bowl. We’ve gone the extra mile when it comes to crafting this masterpiece. The 14mm male size will guarantee security and performance with your waterpipe setup. You can count on this piece being both consistent and dependable each and every time you use it. Plus, unlike other flower bowls on the market, these come in multiple colors so you can find the perfect fit for your waterpipe's look and feel. Don’t settle for just any old flower bowl for bong- choose the one that allows you to make a statement! With our eye-catching design, unmatched quality materials, and secure fastening methods – we guarantee that our Flower Bowl is a must have addition to your smoking experience! Check out or other flower bowls or if you need an adaptor we got you covered.
Glass Flower Bowl for bong with 14mm male joint | Black FB-3 Bong Slide - Honeybee Herb
GLASS FLOWER BOWL (FB-3) $14.99 Free Shipping
Introducing the Honeybee Herb Flower Bowl, also known as the industry name bong bowl piece - a gorgeous, unique must-have that will make your next waterpipe experience truly special! Hand-crafted from high quality glass, each Flower Bowl comes in one of four stunning colors: green, black, blue and clear. The colored options come with a colored accent ring around the top edge while the clear version is completely clear throughout. This beautiful bong bowl also features 2 lips at the top and bottom that provide extra grip to easily remove it when needed. With its smooth and exquisite design, you're sure to get an unforgettable smoking experience. These unique flower bowls are an excellent choice for those seeking an elevated smoking experience that combines style and durability. Whether lounging after a long day or getting together with friends, the bong bowl piece is sure to be the perfect addition to your favorite waterpipe. So go ahead – treat yourself to something special today! Check out or other flower bowls or if you need an adaptor we got you covered.
Silicone Dab Straw Set with Quartz Nail, Free Spare, & Cap - Honeybee Herb
Silicone Dab Straw $24.99 Free Shipping
The Silicone Dab Straw Set is a dabber delight for on-the-go rips of your favorite strain. High-quality quartz nail plus a free spare so you are fully equipped during your travels. The handle is durable FDA grade silicone which allows for comfort and protection from breakage during travel.