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Glass Honey Topper 30mm Outer & 11mm Spout Diameter Carb Cap Vertical Clear View



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  • Material - Glass
  • Universally Compatible - Yes
  • Outer Diameter - 30mm
  • Spout Diameter - 11mm
  • Auto Spin - No
  • Recommended Pairing - Honey and Milk Quartz Banger

Looking for a dab carb cap for your honey pot? Then you need the Honey Topper Carb Cap. These carb caps will meet all of your carb cap for banger needs without hesitation. Regardless of how fat of a slab you toss on your dab rig, you're going to find the Honey Topper Carb Cap comes out swinging every time.


It is universally compatible with all of our bucket style nails. This cap functions by sitting on top of the quartz banger and creating its seal with the bottom of the cap touching the top of the banger nail. The spout will fit into any of our bucket nails as well.


With this cap, you'll have a dab carb cap that's not only capable but stunning as well. The quartz construction brings a beautiful aesthetic to the table. But even though it's made from glass, it's beyond durable with its thick design. That's right. The Honey Topper glass carb cap is thick in all the right places, ensuring an accidental fall will result in minimal damage. What are you waiting for? Toss this in your cart.


What's this? A friend for your Honey Topper Carb Cap? For those of you looking for the perfect piece for your cap, you'll want to check out our incredible product line of quality dab bangers. Become the envy of all your dabber friends by including one of these bad boys in your cart. What are you waiting for? Here's your invitation. Let's make it happen now.


If you want to pair a best-match quartz banger with our Honey Topper Carb Cap, then you can try our Honey and Milk Quartz Banger.