Complete Guide To Bubble Carb Cap

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December 13, 2023

Carb Caps are essential when it comes to dabbing. Carb Caps are explicitly used to help cap and vaporize your product. This blog will discuss bubble caps and how they function for the best results!

What Are Bubble Carb Caps?

A Bubble Cap is a round, bubble-shaped Bubble Carb Cap. This style cap provides directional airflow for maximum function, vaporization, and overall use. A Bubble Cap can be rotated to direct the airflow and influence the direction of your concentrated product. 

The Bubble Carb Cap: How Does It Work?

Using a Bubble Carb Cap is easy and works by simply placing it onto your heated banger to form a seal. The design of a Bubble Cap was created to sit nicely inside your dab nail and create a functional seal. This seal allows airflow to come through the cap, and as you move your Bubble Cap, your airflow is manipulated and directed where you want it to go.

Support:Check out this heating guide to dab nails to ensure your nail is properly heated.

How To Use a Bubble Carb Cap?

  • Step 1: Firstly, start with a clean setup. 
  • Step 2: Heat your banger to your desired temp. 
  • Step 3: Place and watch your concentrates Bubble and melt. 
  • Step 4: Cap your banger with your bubble cap and watch the vapor start to form. 
  • Step 5: Inhale and enjoy!

You can rotate the bubble cap while on the banger to swirl your concentrates around for more distribution and vaporization.

Our Most Stylish Bubble Carb Caps.

Here at Honeybee Herb, we have a wide variety of Bubble Caps for any occasion and any dabber collection! Here are a few different ones to know about!

  • Honey Hive Bubble Carb Cap: With the spinner airflow design, you can pair it with a set of terp pearls for maximum heat retention or move the cap to direct airflow with ease thanks to the round bubble shape. It is glass in material and has an auto spinner with an outer diameter of 30mm and a 16mm spout.
  • Honey Bubble Carb Cap: This cap allows concentrates to move quickly around the surface area of your quartz banger for maximum vapor production. Airflow is easier to control when paired with a single carb hole on top of the Bubble and made from glass, with an outer diameter of 30mm and an 8mm spout.
  • Quartz Bubble Carb Cap: This cap is a quartz bubble cap. It is more durable than glass caps. It features an outer diameter of 22mm and a 8mm spout. It has a long handle to retouch quickly if cold started or reheat is needed. 
  • Quartz Stub Bubble Carb Cap: This is the Stub Bubble Cap. It is made from high-quality quartz and has an outer diameter of 22mm and a spout diameter of 8mm. It is a universally compatible carb cap. The design of this Bubble Cap uniquely differs from others, but the Bubble still sits in the center of your banger, while a flat top stem allows you to control and rotate the Bubble.

Specialty Of A Bubble Carb Cap Compared To Other Carb Caps.

A bubble cap is unique because it can manipulate and control the airflow direction, whereas most other caps are stationary caps that will sit on top and not move. A Bubble Cap can also be used with flat or beveled edge bucket-style bangers. Bubble Caps can come in auto-spinner, regular, and vortex-styled caps. 

Do Bubble Caps Spin Terp Pearls or Pillars?

There is never a guarantee due to various factors:

  • How big your dab is.
  • Whether you heat it long enough.
  • Whether there is leftover residue.
  • Is it an auto-spinner nail and cap.
  • What size are your pearls and pillars.
  • Are your cap and banger seal a good fit, etc.

All of these things factor into whether your pearls will spin or not. Most of the time, they will, but because accessories are constantly changing and new people are making them, some pair well with certain things while others don't.

Final Thoughts

There you have it! Bubble Caps are a popular choice for a Carb Cap for just about any style banger. Honeybee Herb has a wide selection of bubble caps to choose from. Keep following us for more!


Bubble carp caps are great to use with bangers with a beveled edge. The round Bubble of the cap sits on the beveled edge, creating a tight seal but still allowing you to rotate and move your cap.

A bubble cap creates a seal and cap your dab banger to vaporize your product.


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