A Newbie’s Dabbing Guide - What To Expect From Your First Time

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January 17, 2021

Have you ever wanted to start dabbing, and you needed to know all the ends and outs? This article will describe what dabbing is, what you need to begin dabbing, different types of concentrates, and more. Keep reading to help you discover what will be best for you!

What is Dabbing?

Dabbing is a modern method of cannabis consumption that involves using cannabis concentrate. Cannabis concentrates are vaporized at a higher temperature than flower and therefore require a torch instead of a lighter. Through using heat, a dab nail, and a carb cap, you can begin dabbing in a breeze.

Is dabbing safe and Why Should I Start Dabbing?

The big question is always whether what you are doing is safe. Dabbing is considered a more potent and cleaner, more pure form of cannabis because it is extracted from the plant. This means it could technically be considered safer than traditional smoking. There is also said to be less combustion when you dab, making it easier on the lungs vs traditional flower.

What Are Dabs?

Dabs are a concentrated version of THC. This is when the cannabinoids are extracted by using a solvent or by using straight pressure. This allows a pure, more potent form of cannabis, in a waxy consistency to be produced.

Different Types Of Dabs.

Since dabbing first came about, many different varieties of dab types have come out. Each one is typically of a different consistency and usually of a different quality as well. Each of these dabs are also created and made in different ways giving them their unique differences.

  • Wax: A sticky, malleable form of concentrate. It is more waxy and thick vs oily. 
  • Shatter: Shatter is a hard, glass-like consistency of concentrate. It is typically dark in color and can easily break into pieces. 
  • Budder: Budder is a whipped, waxy concentrate. It is usually golden yellow in color and fluffy in texture. 
  • Crumble: Crumble is typically made with butane extraction. It breaks apart very easily and is a loose, dry, sandy textured concentrate. 
  • Live Resin/Rosin: Live resin and live rosin are the result of taking low heat and pressure and getting a thick, saucy concentrated result. This is considered a solventless concentrate and gets the label "Live" from the fact it is being produced from fresh frozen plants.
  • Sauce: Sauce is a high flavor, wet, saucy consistency concentrate. It can range in color. Sauce is typically added to other things to add to their taste and effect. 
  • THC Diamonds: Diamonds are the purest and most concentrated form of concentrates. It appears clear or hazy yellow and takes the shape of little crystal diamonds. 
  • Hash: Hash is a solventless extraction method that is the combination of low heat and high pressure on the kief. When the Kief is processed like this it creates a hash. There are 3 main types of hash, bubble hash, dry sift hash, and dry ice hash. 
  • Distillate: Distillate extraction uses an isolation method of extraction. It consists of a broad spectrum of cannabinoids but is not the most potent. Distillate extraction tends to provide a well-rounded high.
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What Do I Need To Begin Dabbing?

When it comes to dabbing there are a few things that you need to get started. These items would be considered essentials when it comes to having a good dabbing experience.

  • Dab Rig: Dab rigs are typically smaller in size and are specific to dabbing. You never want to dab and smoke flower out of the same rig as it can offset the taste of your product. 
  • Dab Nail OR Banger: Whether it be quartz, titanium, glass, or ceramic, a dab nail is a must. This is what your product will vaporize in. 
  • Torch: A refillable butane torch is recommended to heat your banger of choice when dabbing. 
  • Dabber Tool: Dab tool is an essential tool that gets your product from the jar to your banger in an easy mess-free way. 
  • Carb Cap: A carb cap is needed to seal off or cap your banger to create maximum vapor production when you inhale. 
  • Inserts: Inserts are totally optional, but always a fan favorite. Grab a set of terp pearls and watch your concentrate distribute evenly throughout the banger. 
  • Concentrate: Don't forget your favorite concentrate. Without this, the whole process of dabbing falls apart. 
  • Cleaning Supplies: It is always recommended that you clean your nail and accessories after each use with iso or a cleaning solution of your choice. This ensures less wear and tear and future longevity.

What Will I Feel From Dabbing For The First Time?

Dabbing can be different for everyone. The first time you hit a dab, you could be overwhelmed, like a bit of a rush, followed by a mellow, euphoric experience. If you overdo it, you can feel uncomfortable vs pleasant and will need to drink plenty of water and stay active to bring yourself down a little.

Tips For Successful Dabbing For Beginners

Having a successful dabbing experience is easy. If you start slow and steady and remember a little can take you a long way and if you follow these simple steps, you will be dabbing with no issue in no time!

  • Know Your Rig: Know your equipment. What size banger and gender do you need to pair with your rig. 
  • Start With A Small Dose: A little goes a long way, you can always come back and have another. 
  • Relax When Smoking: Try to relax. Doing too much can kill your buzz or get you too worked up. 
  • Find A Comfortable Environment: Being comfortable where you are medicated is always important. Being uncomfortable can cause a bad experience. 
  • Use High-Quality Concentrates: Use quality products. This ensures good effects and a quality high.
  • Take It Slow And Steady: Low temp dabs and slow inhales are your friend. Be kind and easy on your lungs.
  • Stay Hydrated: Always keep your water handy and stay hydrated. Smoking can dry you out. 
  • Have A Trusted Friend Present: If you are feeling weary, call a buddy to come hang on with you while you chill. 
  • Keep It Clean: We always recommend cleaning your accessories after each use. This helps keep your items clean and last longer for future use.

Common Mistakes To Avoid For The First Time Dabbing

Just like anything, there are do’s and don'ts when it comes to dabbing. For a successful experience you tend to want to avoid things such as:

Overheating : Overheating can cause your products to chazz, crack, and add unneeded wear and tear on your accessories. 

Quality: Sing Poor-Quality Concentrates  

Taking Too Large Of A Dose: Too much too soon can cause you to be overwhelmed. Start slow and with small doses. 

Inhaling Too Forcefully : Inhaling too quickly can give you an unwanted rush and can hurt your lungs. Inhale slowly and get the best experience possible. 

Not Cleaning Your Rig Properly : Dirty rigs and accessories have been known to carry bacteria and mold. You don't want to smoke any of that nasty stuff. Be sure to properly clean and care for your items.

How Expensive is Dabbing?

Dabbing can be cheap or expensive. You pay for quality, packaging, flavor, smell, and taste when it comes to concentrates. Personal preference also factors into your cost. You want to make sure you are getting a safe product, so don't automatically go to the cheapest of the cheap, but you can always find good products that won't break the bank as well.


If you want to know the in's and out's of dabbing, there you have it. Dabbing is a fun, efficient, and modern way to consume cannabis that is becoming rapidly popular among users. Start slow and low, keep your dabs small, and make sure to enjoy every drop!


A small amount goes a long way. You don't have to have a huge globe to get the effects you desire. Start small, you can always take another one but you can't undo a big hit.

Dabs can be good for anyone when they are done in the correct way. Low temperatures and small portioned dabs are your friend.

The easiest way to dab would be using a nectar collector. This involves heating a titanium tip and sticking it directly to your concentrate. This method has far less steps than using a rig, banger, and carb cap.

Dabbing like a pro can be easy. Just take your time, start slow and at a low temp, and with a small size dab. This will ensure an easy, smooth dab for a pleasant dabbing experience.

It is not recommended that you hold your dab hit. Holding your dab has been linked to putting excess strain on your lungs that's not needed.

If your dab tastes burnt, you most likely have overheated your banger and not allowed proper cooling before dropping your dab. This can cause the dab to burn, darken in color, and even cause your banger to blacken.

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