Cleaning Process Of A Titanium Dab Nails

Cleaning Process of Titanium Dab Nail | Honeybee Herb
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May 19, 2021

Titanium nails utilized for dabbing can get pretty messy after each use. Or, on the other hand, on the off chance that you just purchased another one, it's a smart thought to prepare the nail before it's utilized. It's not extremely hard to do and doesn't take long, so you'll be ready in the blink of an eye! Honeybee Herb has your total instructional exercise on how to clean a titanium dab nail.

Cleaning Method Your Titanium Nail

It's critical to guarantee you're not breathing in old consumed on overabundance off your ti nail. So usually, you must clean it after a specific measure of utilization. There are a couple of various strategies to do this. However, Honeybee Herb strongly suggests the ISO/Salt technique. So that will be the fundamental one portrayed in this instructional exercise.

Some cleaning methods include torching, water dipping, and ISO rubbing methods.

  1. Torching Method: This is the most straightforward and least expensive approach to focusing on your nail. After some utilization, the wax will begin to develop. Try not to stress – this is a simple fix. Take your light and warm your nail as you regularly would. The overabundance buildup should consume without any problem. This strategy can be utilized after each dab for the slick oddities to keep the nail flawless. If you're unsure about properly heating your dab nail, this resource will turn you into a pro.
  2. Water Dipping Method: Fundamentally the same as preparing your nail, the water dipping strategy (as we call it) is precisely what it seems like. Warm your nail as you regularly would for a dab, and place your titanium nail in a bowl of room-temperature water with a couple of utensils. This strategy effectively eliminates the white oxidation buildup that may develop on your nail after some time or from substance use.
  3. ISO Rubbing Method: Usually known as rubbing liquor, ISO is viable in eliminating the tacky buildup leftover from concentrates. There are two different ways to shake this technique. A few groups like to toss their Ti nail in some rubbing liquor and let it soak for 5-10 minutes. Others want to plunge a cloth or paper towel in ISO and clean the nail by hand. The two strategies function admirably yet ensure you properly season your nail after cleaning with ISO. If you don't, you hazard ingesting vapor from the rubbing liquor, which is rarely acceptable.

No matter the way, it is recommended that you clean your nail after each use. This helps prevent residue buildup. Concentrate residue can make your next dab have an altered flavor and dirty appearance; proper care and maintenance can ensure it has longer-lasting use.

The Process Of Clean A Titanium Dab Nail:

  • Spot the nail in the compartment or pack it with ISO and salt.
  • Shake and lower the nail in the solution 
  • Let's sit for 5 minutes (maybe longer, relying upon squalor)
  • Flush with much water, air dry, and warm the nail 
  • Your nail is presently cleaned.

Here are some additional tips for cleaning your titanium dab nail:

  • Clean your nail when it is warm, not hot. Hot nails need a little time to cool before you begin cleaning.
  • Stick with what you know; isopropyl alcohol can clean your titanium nail quickly.
  • 100% dry to keep it looking sharp and ready to go for its next use; it also keeps rust away.

Proper care ensures that your pieces have a longer shelf life, and following these recommendations can keep everything sparkly and like new.

Let's explore the perfect temperature for dab nails to enhance the longevity of your dabbing experience.

Ideally, this guide tells you precisely the best way to clean a titanium nail with the goal that you can get tearing! On the off chance that you have any inquiries, don't hesitate to leave a remark beneath. Please keep refreshed with Honeybee Herb dabbing resources for our most current tips and advisers for everything cannabis.


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