Exploring The Differences: 90° Degree vs. 45° Degree Dab Bangers

90° Degree Vs 45° Degree Angel Bangers | Honeybee Herb

If you’re on the hunt for a quartz banger, you’ll notice that they come in varying degrees. This may seem confusing, but there’s an easy explanation for why you’d need a 45° degree banger instead of a 90° degree one. But first, let’s discuss what differentiates the two.

What are 45° and 90° Degree Rig Bangers?

The angle of a nail’s neck dictates how many degrees it is. You might’ve guessed that a 90° degree banger has a sharp, 90° degree neck.

Speaking of 90° degree bangers, they’re the most standard. They come in varying sizes and are usually 2 - 4 mm thick.

45° degree bangers are not as standard. They’re used to convert waterpipes with joints to oil rigs if their joint isn’t 90° degrees. Like their counterparts, the bangers are 2 - 4 mm thick.

How Do You Know Which Degree to Choose?

Look at the angle on your rig’s joint. If it’s 45° degrees or at a sideways slant, you’d need a 45° degree banger. If the rig’s joint is vertical, it’s said to be 0 degrees and would need a 90° degree banger.

The angle of your joint and banger must add up to 90° degrees. This prevents your nail from falling.

What Do You Think?

Nails perform the same way but are available in varying degrees to make dabbing easier. Thankfully, both degrees are easily accessible at Honeybee Herb.