Exploring The Differences: 90° Degree vs. 45° Degree Dab Bangers

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If you’re on the hunt for a quartz banger, you’ll notice that they come in varying degrees. This may seem confusing, but there’s an easy explanation for why you’d need a 45° degree banger instead of a 90° degree one. But first, let’s discuss what differentiates the two. So quartz bangers come in two main sizes. 45° angles and 90° angles. All this means is that if your rig joint points straight up, you will need the 90° degree banger. 

However, if the joint is at a slant or an angle itself, you will need the 45° banger. By getting the right angle banger, you create a good seal between your banger and joint, thus better airflow and usage.

What is A 90° Degree Banger?

A 90° banger is a banger that is set at a 90° angle. The joint of your rig will stand straight up. This joint is usually at a 0°. This type of joint requires a 90° angle banger. 90° bangers are more ideal for hotter dabs. Like 45° bangers, these bangers average a 2-4mm thickness.

What is A 45° Degree Banger?

A 45° banger is a banger set at a 45° angle. This sits in the slanted joint, male or female, of your rig. 45° bangers are commonly paired with heady glass and are great for low temp dabbing. These bangers average a thickness of 2-4mm.

Comparison Between 90° Degree Vs 45° Degree Banger

Your biggest comparison between 90° bangers and 45° bangers is going to be the angle of the neck. The angle of the neck is either welded at 90° angles for straight-up, 0° joints, or the neck is welded at a 45° angle for a good fit in a 45° joint.

Here is a table summarizing the key differences between 45° degree and 90° degree banger joints:


45° Degree Banger

90° Degree Banger


45 joint

90 joint


More compatible with smaller or heady style rigs.

Compatible with larger rigs


Better suited for low temp dabs

Can withstand hotter temperatures

Heat Distribution

Heat distribution can be one sided.

Evenly distributed heat.


Airflow can be more restricted.

Easy airflow

Heat Retention

Shorter heat retention

Longer lasting heat retention

How Do You Know Which Degree To Choose?

Choosing which angled banger is correct for you is easy. Look at your water pipe or dab rig; unless it's custom, you're only going to have two options.

  1. A joint with an angled slant, that should measure at 45°.


  1. A joint that has a straight up and down, vertical joint that should measure at 0°.

The 45° banger will pair with the 45° slant, and the 90° banger will pair with the vertical joint. If the joints on your dab rig are not correctly matched and sized with the right bangers, then you can get an ill-fitting nail.

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What Do You Think?

Ultimately, choosing which angle is best for you comes down to the size of the joint on your rig. Having ill-fitting bangers can cause uneven heat distribution, loose seals, and even fall out and break if you're not careful. Whether you are in the market for one or the other or both, Honeybee Herb has you covered.


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