Dabbing 101: What It Is And How Do You Smoke Dabs?

Dabbing 101: What It Is And How Do You Smoke Dabs

Have you ever heard of dabbing or ever wondered what it is? In this article, we are going to discuss what dabbing is, the benefits of it, what you need to do it, and more. Afterward, you should know all the ins and outs of dabbing.

What Is Dabbing?

So what is dabbing? Dabbing is a modern-day form of cannabis consumption. Instead of your traditional joint, you "dab" a concentrated version of cannabis that is more potent and fast acting. A lot of people prefer dabs for that immediate hard hit, as well as the smell and taste. Along with knowing about dabbing and their smoking process, we should know the real and exact history of dabs in detail also.

What Are The Benefits Of Dabbing?

Cannabis in itself has many known health benefits, but what exactly are the benefits of dabbing vs traditional consumption? We broke it down into these five things.

  • Potency: Dabbing is a concentrated version of cannabis that comes with more potent effects.
  • Flavor: The terpene and flavor profiles are preserved nicely in dabs, therefore, giving a tasty smoking experience.
  • Convenience: Dabbing can be quick and convenient. Whether you are seshing at the house or on the go, dabbing is as simple as heat, dab, inhale and exhale with a rig, silicone dab straw, or electronic device.
  • Quick Onset Of Effects: Dabbing has an almost immediate effect. Small dabs are easier to manage and control, and big dabs will hit you hard and fast.
  • Cleaner: A lot of smokers prefer dabs for their cleaner taste and smell over traditional flowers. Flower has a harsher, more skunky smell, and while dabs hit harder overall, the smell is easily masked.

What Tools Do You Need To Dab With A Rig?

There are some main essentials you will need when it comes to dabbing. The standard setup includes a rig, nail, dabber, and cap, but there are always other ways to elevate your dabbing experience.

The Essentials: 

  • Rig: You will need a dab rig of your choice. This is a rig specifically used for dabbing. Cross-smoking can alter the flavors of your flower and concentrates and typically can cause a mess between the two.

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  • Dab Nail: A banger that fits the joint of your rig, whether it be Quartz, Titanium, or Ceramic. Honeybee Herb has an awesome selection to choose from, multiple sizes, styles, and designs.
  • Dabber: A dab tool is needed for a pleasant, mess-free dabbing experience. This tool is used to pick up your concentrate with ease and easily place it into your heated banger for an easy melt.
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    • Carb Cap: A carb cap is needed to cover and seal the banger to create maximum vaporization. Carb caps can be glass, quartz, or silicone and can look like toppers or marbles.
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    Elevated Extras:

    • eNail: An e-nail, e-rig, or any other electronic device can elevate your dabbing experience with ease by controlling the temperature and having easy-to-clean parts.
    • Terp Pearls: Terp pearls elevate your dabbing experience by spinning and evenly distributing your product and airflow. This is a common dabbing accessory used by many. You can also do your dabbing session even better if you know more about terp pearls and how to use them.
    • Quartz Insert: Quartz inserts elevate your dabbing experience as well. Quartz inserts can come in a number of different designs and are easy to clean and harder to break.
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    Types Of Cannabis Concentrates To Smoke Dabs With.

    Dabbing can be done with a multitude of different concentrates. Different people prefer them all for different reasons.

    • Budder: Budder is a type of whipped concentrate. It is typically creamy in color and has a buttery consistency. It is a potent and popular form of cannabis concentrate.
    • Shatter: Shatter is flat and solid and gets its name from the fact in can shatter like glass. Shatter is a super pure form of concentrate and can be amber in color.
    • Distillate: Distillate is a form of concentrate commonly found in vape cartridges. It is considered harsher than other forms of concentrate and would be on the cheaper side of the dabbing spectrum.
    • Crumble: Crumble is a loose, dry form of concentrate. It is low moisture because of how its made and breaks down very easily hence its name "crumble."
    • Rosin: A solventless type of concentrate that is simply pressing flower buds between two hot plates resulting in a beautiful sticky resin. This can range in color depending on the temperature and time-pressed.

    How To Smoking Dabs With A Dab Rig?

    Smoking dabs and dabbing in itself is a fairly simple process. It only requires a few simple steps to get the perfect dabbing experience.

    • Prepare Your Rig And Dab: Make sure your rig is clean and filled with fresh water, with your dab nail securely placed in the joint.
    • Heat The Nail: Heat the dab nail with a butane torch for about 30-45 seconds.
    • Cool Down Your Nail: Time and allow your dab nail to cool for about 40 seconds, or temp your nail with a temperature device, like a temp gun or dabrite.
    • Vaporize Your Dab: Vaporize your dab by placing your concentrate into your heated banger using your dabbers. Then cap it with your carb cap for a proper seal to vaporize.
    • Inhale The Vapor: Inhale the vapor and enjoy the immediate effects of your concentrate. Exhale and repeat as needed.
    • Clean Your Nail: Always clean your dab nail and any insert accessories after each use with iso alcohol and a Q-tip. This ensures your dabbing essentials stay in tip-top shape better and longer.

    Final Thoughts

    If you were ever curious about dabbing, this article has it all figured out from start to finish. Dabbing can be a fairly simple process, and the steps to follow are quick and easy. So now that you know all the ins and outs of smoking dabs, load up your favorite type of dabs and start dabbing like a pro.

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