Dab Torch 101: Step-By-Step Using Guideline

dab torch 101
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June 5, 2024

This blog post will discuss the main heating element for traditional dabbing: the dab torch! 

A dab torch is used to heat quartz bangers, assists with the entire dabbing process, and is essential for conventional dabbing. Keep reading to find out more about these torches!

​What Is A Dab Torch?

A Dab Torch is a heating element that uses butane fuel. It is essential to dab traditionally if you do not have another heating element, such as an electric coil or battery.

How Does It Work?

Dab torches work by using a knob on the torch that you twist or push to ignite the flame. Most Dab Torches have a flame adjustment screw on the side that allows you to control the amount of butane gas and flame released. To use it, you push or twist the flame on and adjust how you need it.

Different Kinds Of Dab Torches.

Dab Torches, of course, come in a variety at Honeybee Herb; here are a few things that you should look for when it comes to your dab torch:

Size And Shape: Dab Torches come in many shapes and sizes. Grab one that fits your space.

Temperature Range: Dab Torches come in different qualities. Some do not produce hot enough flames for dabbing, while others can get so hot that they can burn you. Get a torch that allows for a temperature that is hot enough.

Butane or Propane: It is always recommended to use butane! Butane is less harsh and chemical in comparison to propane. 

Durability: You want to get a torch that lasts. Sometimes, the cheaper, smaller torches aren't of the same quality as others. Make sure you are purchasing something that will last. 

Overall Quality And Safety: Since Dab Torches come in a variety, you must keep your eyes peeled for a quality and safe one. 

Don't expect quality from a bottom-of-the-barrel type of torch; some torches are only meant to light doobies.

Propane Vs Butane Torches: Most Significant Differences.

When it comes to a dab torch, butane and propane are the most common fuel sources you see. They do have their differences, though, and here is the breakdown.


  • Less harsh chemically

  • Cheaper

  • Burns hotter at a slower rate

  • Doesn't alter the taste of your product


  • Pricey

  • Burns hot, quickly

  • More chemically harsh on your pieces

With this information, you should know that it is always recommended to use butane over propane.

Step-By-Step: How To Use A Dab Torch Properly?

Using a dab torch is simple and easy.

Step 1: Set up your dab rig. Make sure you have plenty of room for your session to avoid accidents. 

Step 2: Heat your banger nail by turning your dab torch on and evenly heating the banger all over for 30-40 seconds.

Step 3: Turn your torch off and set it in a safe space to avoid burning yourself or others. 

Step 4: Once your banger has cooled. d slightly, place your dab, cap, and inhale. 

Step 5: Clean your banger between each use.

Dabbing Without A Torch.

Dabbing without a torch is possible as well; here are a few different methods:

  1. Buy E-Nails: E-nails are a new school dabbing method that uses an electric heating component, making a torch obsolete. 
  1. Dab With Vaporizers: You can also dab without using a torch by using a vape battery and cart. You can dab easily with a click of a button. 
  1. Mix It With Dry Herbs: If you prefer using a regular lighter and having a combination of flowers, add your dabs to your dry herb. 

About Torch Fuel.

Dab Torch Batteries are refillable, and they require fuel to work. The recommended fuel is butane, which can be refilled at almost any head shop, including Honeybee Herb. Butane refills range from $3 to $20, depending on whether you get single refills or a pack.

How Much Are Dab Torches?

Dab Torches' cost varies depending on the size, brand, and quality, so you can expect to pay anywhere from $10 to $80+. This is why it is essential to do your research beforehand.

How To Maintain A Dab Torch?

Maintaining a Dab Torch is easy. It would help to keep your Dab Torch in a safe and excellent location. 

Avoid things that could melt, as torches are hot to the touch after prolonged use. Keep your torch clean and consistently fueled with butane.


Dab Torches are an essential part of the dabbing process. It is important to look for a quality torch that is in your price range and practical for dabbing. 

Properly caring for and storing your torch ensures that it will last in the long run. Follow us on our social channels for new content like this always!


Higher-quality herb needs better and perfect heat. So, to get the best produce, we should heat a banger for 30-40 seconds.


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Dab Torch 101: Step-By-Step Using Guideline
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