DIY Carb Cap | Best Household Items For Carb Cap Alternatives?

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February 4, 2024

Have you ever needed a Carb Cap in a pinch? Lost or broke yours right before the sesh? In this blog post, we are going to talk about all the different household items or do it yourself you can utilize to help you cap your banger! DIY Carb Caps are not always the best and most successful, but something is better than nothing.

What is Homemade or DIY Carb Cap

A homemade Carb Cap is exactly how it sounds. It is something you have found laying around your house that you can use and help act as a carb cap by sealing your banger and helping create vapor. Not all items in your house can be used as a cap but some definitely come in handy.

Benefits Of Using Homemade Carb Cap

The benefit to using a homemade carb cap vs no carb cap at all is that you are still getting a proper seal around your banger creating an environment for maximum vaporization! With no carb cap at all you can get wasted product and product that doesn't vaporize at all.

Dabbing Guide: Also check household items you can use as dab tools.

Useful Home Items For Carb Caps

Here is a list of useful items anyone can typically find in their home to act as a carb cap if you needed one in a hurry:

  • Bottle Cap: A bottle cap is typically flat and round and usually is the correct size to cap a banger off with without burning yourself. Be careful not to use plastic as it will melt to the banger. 
  • Coins: Just like you cause a penny to measure a joint size, you can also use a large coin to seal the top of your banger off as well, it is flat and round making it an ideal item. 
  • Flat Metal Key: Although a key can be oddly shaped, the large flat edge can be used to cap your banger while the edge with the teeth can be used to hold it. This is a safer option than most because you don't run the risk of burning yourself.
  • Flat Pebble Or Stone: A flat rock or stone can also act as a carb cap. These can typically be found most places outside and will work, just make sure its clean! 
  • Lid From A Container: A lid from a container works as a carb cap. You can poke small holes in the top of the lid for better airflow. 
  • Flat Magnet: A simple magnet from the fridge will work fine too but be careful that there is nothing on the front of the magnet that will melt or burn in the process. 
  • Ashtray or Shot Glass: The bottom of a shot glass or ashtray is flat and sturdy enough to carb the top of your banger. The airflow will be semi restricted due to no holes for air control. 
  • Your Grinder: Your grinder will work as a carb cap too but it leaves very little room for airflow. 
Carb Caps For Bangers & Nails – Honeybee Her
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Safety Tips When Using A DIY Carb Cap

When using a diy Carb Cap it is important to remember that these items were not designed to be used as carb caps. You do not want to use anything plastic or that will burn or easily melt. You want something that you can easily touch and that won't hold heat. Keeping these things in mind can help you in the future.


All in all, if you needed a Carb Cap in a hurry and did not have one on hand, there are a ton of household items that can work in its place. As long as it is sturdy, will not melt, and will not burn you, it will be good enough to vaporize and allow you to have a decent hit!


Yes, you can as long as it is large enough to fit over the banger.

No, silicone will melt under high temps.

A banger that is designed for no cap, such as a knot style banger.

It is not recommended as you get more waste and do not get proper vaporization.

Terp pearls will not spin without a carb cap as there is no vortex of airflow to make them move.

You can but your product does not vaporize properly and causes waste.

You can use a household item like those discussed above to seal your banger for a carb cap.

Yes, but you need to seal it after it starts to melt to create proper vaporization of your product.


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