Reclaim Catchers - Why Are They Popular & Their Purpose?

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Have you ever noticed when you finish a dabbing session, a chunky glob of oil that is stuck in your dab rig or even at the end of your banger? This glob is known as reclaim. Reclaim can be collected and reused with a Reclaim Catcher.

Now what is a reclaim catcher? Read on to explore the functionality and effectiveness of the Reclaim Catcher— An essential all dabbers will enjoy!

General Overview of the Reclaim Catcher

A reclaim catcher, also known as reclaim trap, is an additional piece of glassware that joins to a dab rig, used in dabbing to collect excess vapor and oil that would otherwise be lost during the process. Reclaim Catchers are typically made from glass or silicone, and have a small receptacle attached to the bottom to collect reclaim and some reclaim catchers also have an additional percolator feature for added filtration.

Some dabbers add a reclaim catcher to the dab rig to achieve a smooth hit, clean, and flavorful hit. The amount of cleaning your dab rig requires can be reduced when using a reclaim catcher as it helps keep and maintain a clean and clog-free rig.

Though it may only seem like just an additional glass tube that you connect to your dab rig to beautify it, in reality, a reclaim catcher is a practical addition for the every day dabber.

There are two main types of reclaim catchers: dropdown reclaimers and side-arm reclaimers. Dropdown reclaimers attach directly onto the dab rig and hang below it, while side-arm reclaimers connect to the side of the dab rig. Both function in essentially the same way, but many prefer the side arm catchers with the removable silicone base because it's easier to collect your reclaim.

Reclaim Catchers will feature either 10mm, 14mm, or 18mm connections to fit your nail and rig.

How Does A Reclaim Catcher Work?

Using a reclaim catcher is simple: first, attach it onto your dab rig making sure it is properly secured, as you inhale, any excess vapor or oil will go through the reclaim catcher instead of being wasted.

Side-arm or Upright Reclaim Catchers work by acting as a collection reservoir between your dab nail and the inside of your rig. Many people love their reclaim catchers because it not only keeps your rig cleaner but allows for easy collection of your reclaimed oils for use in cooking or reusing for a dab. A reclaim catcher operates by placing the nail or banger into the top of the reclaim catcher and placing the assembled reclaim catcher into your water pipe, dab rig, or bong. This creates a path for the collection of the already cooling vapor to pass through before getting into the dab rig’s water. By doing this, the remnants of the oil obtained while dabbing are left behind to gather at the silicone removable base of the reclaim catcher. The silicone container can be used to store your unused reclaim for later use when not attached to the catcher itself. Once you have finished dabbing, detach the reclaim catcher and clean out the collected oils for future use.

In the instance of a Drop-Down Reclaim Catcher or drop-down adapter, the vapor travels down a longer downward angled path. This not only allows time for the vapor to cool but also utilizes gravity to collect the reclaim into the crook of the arm of the drop-down. Drop-downs can also provide more space between the rig and hot nail, keeping your possibly more expensive rig at a safer distance from high temperatures. Drop-downs do not contain a silicone container and can be much more difficult to clean and retrieve reclaim from.

Some dab rigs will have an integrated reclaim catcher. This may be as simple as an extra-deep reservoir for reclaim to collect or could be a separate chamber incorporated into the glass to serve the same purpose. These kinds of reclaim catchers vary by the design of the creator and may or may not be easy functioning.

Reclaim Recovery and Rig Maintenance

Maintaining and keeping your dab rig clean is very important. This provides for better flavor as well as assuring you are not leaving water to sit which can become unsanitary. A reclaim catcher makes cleaning your dab rig a lot easier by trapping most of the reclaimed material in the catcher. You will want to collect the reclaim and then clean the rig and the reclaim catcher.

To gather your reclaim, you will remove the silicone dish attached to the bottom of the reclaim catcher and set it aside. This will contain the majority of your reclaim and can be stored for later use or used right from the jar. There will be remaining reclaim inside of the catcher. This can be removed by carefully scraping out with a dab tool and applying small amounts of heat to soften up the reclaim and allow it to drip out more easily. Reclaim is incredibly sticky, and it is advisable to have a separate container, dab pad, or piece of parchment paper ready to collect the remaining reclaim onto. Wearing gloves is also not a bad idea as this resin can be difficult to get off of your fingers and hands once it is stuck to them.

Now that you have collected your reclaim, it is time to clean your rig and reclaim catcher. There are many cleaning solutions and products available in the market today. Some work better than others. Many people will use isopropyl alcohol with salt added to it as a homemade bong cleaner. Simply fill your rig with a mixture of isopropyl alcohol and salt a little less than halfway and shake after being sure to plug up all of the holes, so none of the mixtures escapes and shake. The alcohol will act as a solvent to break down the remaining gunk and the salt as an abrasive to agitate it away. Once all of the remaining reclaim has been removed from the rig, empty the solution and rinse with soapy water, followed by rinsing completely with clean warm water. Follow the same procedure to clean the rest of your reclaim catcher.

BE AWARE! This is a very common time for the glass to be accidentally broken. Be very careful while shaking your piece and be mindful of your surroundings, so you don't accidentally bump your glass into something and cause an accident.

Is It Okay To Dab Reclaim

Yes, reclaim can be used for a couple of different purposes. Smoking or dabbing reclaim, is one way to reuse it. Another benefit of using a reclaim catcher is that it keeps your reclaim separated from the water in your rig or bong. This keeps the concentrate reclaim from absorbing water and popping with steam when placed into a hot quartz banger for vaporization. Reclaim is dabbed the same way that you would use any other concentrate. 

Some dab connoisseurs find the flavor of dabbing reclaim a bit harsh and distasteful and therefore choose to use their reclaim to bake with. A great feature of reclaim is that because it has already been heated, it is decarboxylated or orally activated and can be easily added to virtually any recipe to create a potent edible.

Popularity Of Reclaim Catchers

A reclaim catcher is a real upgrade to your setup. It is a necessity for any dabber looking to get the most out of their experience and keep their rigs cleaner longer. With the rise in popularity of dabbing, a reclaim catcher has become one of the more popular additions to a dab rig setup. It serves a viable purpose and function but can also improve the aesthetic look of your dab rig setup. More and more people are choosing a reclaim catcher for their setup for just those reasons.

Reclaim catchers may be most popular amongst dabbers preferring a lower temperature dab. Many connoisseurs prefer lower temperature dabs because the flavor is more intact at lower temperatures. This reclaim is higher quality because the vapor is not reaching as hot of a temperature. The vapor being at a lower temperature will tend to turn to reclaim at a faster rate, making a reclaim catcher a must-have item for any serious user.

Bottom Line

A reclaim catcher is an extremely useful accessory to add to your dab setup as it not only collects your reclaim for later reuse, it reduces product waste, and also aids in making sure your dab rig stays cleaner longer.

Investing in a reclaim catcher can not only enhance your dabbing experience but is an accessory that will pay for itself in the future. So why not give it a try? Happy dabbing!