What Is A Percolator Bong And Rig? A Complete Guideline

Last Updated On February 13, 2024 at 4:45 am
February 13, 2024

Percolators are a super fun and functional addition to any bong or rig! Read more here to find out why you should have one in your essentials!

What Is A Percolator or “Perc” Bong And Rig?

A percolator bong or rig, perc for short, is a bong or rig made with a percolator. A percolator is basically a built-in glass piece of your bong or rig that helps aid in the way your bong or fig functions, resulting in a nice hit.

A Percolator is like a built-in filter. A percolator creates air bubbles upon inhale that helps filter and cool your smoke or vapor. This provides you with a flavorful and smooth hit!

Types Of Perc.

There are many different styles, designs, and a variety of percolators out there! Here is a breakdown of what we know!

Downstem: A downstem perc is one of the most simple and basic style percs. They can be removable or fixed and have slits at the bottom that filter and cool your smoke.

Honeycomb Percolators: Honeycomb percs, a type of round, disc percolator. They connect one chamber to another like one plate stacked on top of the other. This type perc has a series of small holes like a honeycomb, shooting the bubbles straight up. You can find these percs in doubles and triples.

Tree Percolators: Tree percs have a "tree-like" thin vertical arms with filtering slits. Naturally, the more arms, the more smoke is filtered. This perc can have anywhere from 4-8 arms branching from the center of the tree perc.

Inline Percolators: Inline percs are used to make the downstem joint longer and extend into the water chamber directly. This perc is basically a long glass stem with holes or slits commonly on the bottom or side.

Matrix Percolator: Matrix or stereo percs are essentially cylindrical in shape, like that of a disc perc. Two stacked on one another, make a stereo perc. The slits on a matrix perc can vary in which way they go or how many there are.

Turbine Percolators: If you’re looking for something with an eye appeal to go along with its function capabilities, turbine percs are a good option. This perc has angled slits that are around the main chamber. This creates a whirlpool with the water that flows directly into the next chamber, cooling and filtering while also still getting to see the glass.

Fritted Disc Percolators: Fritted Disc Percs are very similar to the honeycomb perc but with many more holes. This perc has so many holes fused together that is gives it a "fritted" appearance.

Showerhead Percs: Showerhead percs are some of the most popular and well known percolators. The design itself looks like a showerhead. A Showerhead perc has one circle with slits in it making a shower effect with the bubbles when you inhale.

Disc Perc: Disc percs have numerous holes and slits. The more holes the better the diffusion and the better the filtration that your smoke is pulled through.

Circ Perc: Circ percs are close to disc percs but the difference is that they only have slits around the outer side. They are connected at the end of the downstem and can be in different shapes.

Ratchet Perc: Ratchet percs are ideal designs for small rigs and bubblers. It is similar to a honeycomb but has spaces in between the holes vs having them all the way across.

Coil Perc: By far the most unique of percolators with its coil shape. The coil perc can be made from glass or glycerin. If it is made from glycerin you can freeze it for an extra cool hit.

UFO Perc: UFO percs have a flared base that gives a larger surface area for diffusion. They are popular due to the large size and ease of cleaning.

Swiss Perc: A swiss perc is a holy perc! It gets its name because it looks like swiss cheese. This classic deisgn is a unique design that features different sizedholes in and around the outside. When inhaling the smoke gets forced   around the holes, filtering and cooling as it goes around them.

Donut Perc: A donut perc is a vertical donut shaped percolator in the center of your bong or rig. The smoke is filtered around and through the donut giving a tasty and successfully smooth hit.

Cross Percs: Cross percs, also known as, screw percs consist of little knob like shapes with a slit on each end with a criss cross pattern.

Inset Perc: Inset percs is a cup like percolator. It is in the center of the bong or rig and makes a pocket that your smoke and vapor must filter through to get to the next chamber.

Sprinkler Perc: A sprinkler perc is like an upside down tree perc. It has multiple arms to filter the water through but instead of shooting the water down like a tree perc, it shoots it up like a sprinkler cooling and filtering as it does.

Crystal Ball Perc: A ball perc is a circle or dome with slits running around the outside. This perc is usually in the center or connected to the downstem of your glass piece.

Benefits Of Using A Percolator Bong And Rig.

The benefit of using a bong or rig with a percolator is this:

  1. smooth and cool hit.
  2. Tasty and flavorful.
  3. Less harsh on the lungs.

Factors To Consider In A Perc Rig And Bong

Here are some things you should consider when it comes to purchasing a percolator bong/rig:

Type: What style percolator fits you best? While they function the same, a different style can be your preference over someone else.

Size: Do you want a large or small per bong/rig? Larger pieces have more surface area for smoke and vapor but can also be harder to inhale.

Material: Most always, your material is going to be glass but you can find electric and silicone perc bongs/rigs.

Budget: How much are you wanting to spend? A simple perc bong/rig is going to be more cost effective than a perc bong/rig with a more unique design.

Aesthetic: Are you looking for a simple and sleek or an extra and out there perc bong/rig? The options are endless with so many different colors and designs.

Diffusion: Each type of perc diffuses for the same function but all diffuse a little differently and the pull is different on each one. Keep this in mind when buying.

Ease of Cleaning: Most all perc bong/rigs are going to be fairly simple to clean but ones with more intense designs and styles can have residue trapped in areas that may require it to be soaked for a little while.

Compatibility: You want to make sure that your perc bong/rig is compatible with your other accessories like your banger or flower bowl.

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How Do You Clean The Perc Bong/Rig?

You clean a bong/rig with a percolator the same way you do one without. A cleaning solution or the regular iso alcohol and some coarse salt. Cover the openings and shake! If it is extremely dirty you may want to allow it to soak, depending on the perc style it could be really stuck to it. Rinse thoroughly before using again!

Percolator Bongs And Rigs: Safety And Precautions.

Percolator Bongs And Rigs are still made from glass. You should always use caution and care when using this so it does not fall, slip, or break in any way shape or form. Keep a clean station and your perc bong/rig away from situations that could result in accidents.


There you have it! Percolator bongs and rigs are an awesome addition for any collection and for anyone to have. They add value and ease to your smoking experience by providing filtration and a satisfactory hit.


Yes, percolators are an excellent addition to bongs!

Yes. Percolators function to help filter and cool making the hit less harsh on your lungs.


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