How Do You Heat a Quartz Banger Up

How Do You Heat a Quartz Banger Up

How Do You Heat a Quartz Banger Up? What Type of Torch Should You Be Using?

Whether you own a  Honeybee Herb quartz banger or not, you’ll agree that heating a dab nail is an art. Knowing the dos and don’ts of this will help. That’s why we ran through everything you need to know about heating a quartz banger below. Let’s get into it. 

How Do You Heat a Quartz Nail Up?

Start by gently heating your quartz banger’s edges. Remember to take your time. This ensures that heat is distributed evenly. Thankfully, quartz is very forgiving, so you could mess up a bit without worry about cracking. 

You know your banger’s ready when it begins to glow. Don’t jump right in. The key to properly heating a quartz nail is letting it cool down. 

By this time, you should’ve decided what type of dab you want to do. Usually, high temp dabs take 10-15 seconds of cooling down. Low temp ones can take as long as a minute. 

It takes trial and error to find the perfect cooling period that works for you.

With your nail cooled, you can now drop your dab in. Was that so hard?

What Type of Torch Should You be Using? 

Now that you know the secrets to heating a quartz banger, you should know that butane is the way to go. It’ll make the heating up process easier. Let’s talk about why. 

Propane Can Get Really Hot

In the blink of an eye, propane torches get dab nails piping hot. They boast temperatures 1000 times hotter than what butane can achieve. This means you run the risk of burning your concentrate, but at the same time, you can heat your nail up really fast. Ask yourself if this compromise is worth it. 

Butane is Portable

If you need to take your rig with you, you don’t have to worry about making much room. Butane torches are smaller than their propane counterparts

Butane is Safe 

Carbon monoxide is not your friend. It can wreck your health, and even lead to death. Guess what? Propane produces it. 

A Better Tasting Dab 

Propane comes with Ethyl Mercaptan in it. It smells horrendous, and you don’t want it near your dab. It can affect its taste. So, what do you think?

What’s the Verdict? 

Although our points will help, the best thing you can do is practice. You have to start somewhere, don’t you? When doing so, remember to use a butane torch. It’s superior to propane in a number of ways.