Honey Dab Pearls Clear Quartz & Dab Inserts Close for Quartz Bangers & Nails | Honeybee Herb
HONEY TERP PEARLS $12.99 Free Shipping
Improve flavor and efficiency when enjoying your dabs with these honey terp pearls. It's a small terp pearl with a 6 mm diameter, designed by Honeybee Herb. Though small, they can greatly impact your dabbing experience, especially if you're into low temp dabs.   Since these terp pearls swirls within the banger, they pick up some of their heat and distribute it evenly. That means you can dab at low temperatures without worrying the CBD concentrates will cool down too soon. That's awesome, right?   Honey Terp pearls come with two pearls in a pack and in multiple color combinations.
HONEY HIVE CARB CAP $14.99 Free Shipping
Material - Glass Universally Compatible - No Outer Diameter - 32mm Spout Diameter - 18mm Auto Spin - Yes Recommended Pairing - Core Reactor Get the best of dabbing with the premium Honey Hive bubble carb cap. Regardless of how hot you like your dabs, this dab carb cap will help you improve efficiency and flavor. You can use it to direct airflow but also spin your terps when you pair it with some terp pearls.   The vortex carb cap spinner design will give the pearls ample space for movement to do their magic. Spin those terps with the classy Honey Hive carb cap by Honeybee Herb. This carb cap for banger is made with scientific-grade borosilicate glass and is a beautiful tiny piece of art.   The spinner design allows ample airflow to reach your materials, but this banger carb cap works best when paired with a terp pearl. When you add the pearl, it will spin inside your quartz banger, minimizing waste and maximizing vapor production.   The Honey Hive Cap is not compatible with all of our quartz nails. This glass carb cap functions by sitting on top of your nail, creating a seal between the bottom of the carb cap and the rim of the banger. The spout that creates the Hive Spin has a diameter of 28mm and, therefore, will not fit into a nail that is 20mm or smaller in diameter. Some examples of nails that are compatible are the Honey and Milk Bevel and the Whirlwind Banger.   It is a great choice for seasoned dabbers who like high-quality, multi-functional tools.
Dab Marble Sets Blue Quartz & Dab Inserts for Quartz Bangers & Nails | Honeybee Herb
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Dab Marble set Pearl - 12mm, 20mm Capsule- 4mm The Dab Marble Set is a new trend that simply looks cool. These inserts have changed the game when it comes to taking a dab. Made from borosilicate glass, these marble sets are available in the most popular sizes and colors and pair perfectly with our Slurper Style Bangers.   These Dab Marble sets for bangers are considered to be highly innovative dabbing accessories that also serve an important functional purpose as well. All the oils and concentrates are going to deliver the best flavor and effects when vaporized at relatively low temperatures. This marble set is a class of dabbing that can lead to some tasty tokes.
Honeysuckle Quartz Banger 90 Degree Yellow Line with 10mm 14mm 18mm Male & Female Joints for Dab Rigs Bongs | Honeybee Herb
Outer Diameter - 20mm Thickness - 2mm Edge - Flat Top 90° Frosted Joint  Butane Torch Recommended Compatible Pearl Size(s) - 4mm, 6mm Recommend Carb Cap(s) - Dab Marble Set, Dab Screw Set, Glass Mushroom Pillar Set   Honeybee Herb is proud to present you with The Honeysuckle Quartz Banger. This is our spin on the very popular Terp Slurper Banger Design. Honeysuckles function by placing your concentration onto the bottom dish. While inhaling, you will bring air and concentrate through the bottom pillar, up and around the inside, whipping your dabs around in a vortex to allow for optimal vaporization of your product! The Honeysuckle Quartz Banger nail will require a Dab Marble Set, Dab Screw Set, or Glass Mushroom Pillar Set to function properly.   This awesome dab banger is available in 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm so you can find the right fit for your dab rig. With an outer diameter of 25mm and a thickness of 4mm at the base, this solid nail can stand up to the biggest of dabs.   *We recommend using a butane torch with all of our equipment.
Quartz Original Dabbers for bangers and nails | Dab Tools | Honeybee Herb
Laser Engraved Honeybee Herb Symbol High Heat Resistance Every dabber is looking for the dopest dope they've ever smoked, but what about dope quartz concentrate tools? Well, you've asked for them, so we've begun stocking them! The Quartz Original Dabber is an entirely incredible dab facilitator sporting some serious heat resistance and will work perfectly with any of our quartz bangers. And what's more, the laser-engraved Honeybee Herb symbol on its head! Needless to say, this is the best dab tool for wax you'll want to get your hands on ASAP!   The Quartz Original Dabber makes any dab sesh a slab sesh. Tossing the fattest slabs is easy to do when you have a quality tool on hand and are ready to go. All in all, this is a must-have for any serious dabber, and if you're considering a dope new tool to slap your dabs on your favorite rig with ease, the Quart Original Dabber is what you need in your arsenal.
Titanium Gold 6 in 1 Skillet Dab Nail Compatible With 10mm 14mm 18mm Male & Female Joint For Dab Rig Bongs | Honeybee Herb
TITANIUM 6 IN 1 SKILLET DAB NAIL $24.99 Free Shipping
Universal 6-in-1 Connection  Grade 2 Titanium  Fits 10mm, 14mm, 18mm Joints  Compatible with Male & Female Joints  Compatible with Most 25mm Carb Caps   Butane Torch Recommended  Recommend Carb Cap(s) - Titanium Bent Pencil with Carb Cap , Titanium Pencil with Carb Cap & Titanium Sword Carb Cap Behold the Titanium 6-in-1 Skillet, bringing forth a universal 6-in-1 connection that's working harder than most to provide dabbers with some of the sweetest hits known to the world of dabbing!   These are beyond impressive in relation to their aesthetic, incorporating a unique design that draws eyes from all corners of the room. And while these titanium dab nail bangers are gorgeous, the performance of these things is truly the main attraction.   Crafted out of some of the best Grade 2 Titanium this planet has to offer, the Titanium 6-in-1 features serious durability. It's capable of fitting 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm joints, and it's also compatible with Male and Female joints.    And with it fitting the majority of 25mm carb caps in this industry, it's one of the most versatile nails we have to offer!   For those looking for a quartz tool to go with their Titanium 6-in-1 Skillet, make sure to add the quartz concentrate tool like Titanium Bent Pencil with Carb Cap , Titanium Pencil with Carb Cap & Titanium Sword Carb Cap to your cart! This is by far one of our favorites, and it's going to revolutionize the way you distribute your concentrate to your nail!
Honeysuckle Bevel Quartz Banger 90° Degree BL with 10mm 14mm 18mm Male & Female Joints for Water Pipes, Bong & Dab rigs | Honeybee Herb
Height - 55mm Dish Diameter - 28mm Outer Diameter - 25mm Cylinder Diameter - 13mm Thickness - 2.5mm Edge - Bevel Top Thickness - 2.5mm Edge - Beveled Top 90° Frosted Joint Butane Torch Recommended Compatible Pearl/Pill Size(s) - 4mm, 6mm Recommended Carb Caps - Marble Sets, Mushroom Sets, Screw Set Have you been searching for a Banger that can up your game? Honeysuckle bevel 90 degrees is a fitting portrayal for this level-lined, level-bested murky WHITE base banger. With an external measurement of 25 mm and a strong thickness of 2.5 mm, the Honeybee Herb quality is solid with this one.   Made of 100% quartz, the dab banger comes in both Female or Male joints made to suit practically any water rig or line. Designed to withstand high temperatures with a plan thought out to appropriate heat rapidly and equally, this piece is an ideal alternative for numerous draw dabs and furthermore accompanies a 45-degree point plan.   The Honeysuckle functions by placing your product into the dish to melt. Angled slits locate on the pillar of the nail allow airflow to enter and also suck your melted product into the chamber. Airflow will continue to spin in a vortex that is ideal for complete vaporization of your product. The Honeysuckle is designed to be used with an Insert Set. This is so the top can be sealed to allow the airflow and your product to be drawn in through the angled slits.   The ice joins flawlessly with the clearness of this piece which we are anxious to have you attempt. This is the manner by which we like to think about each item we make and do an amazing job to execute a high-end banger with a high-end execution at a reasonable cost. The prescribed inserts to use with this piece are the Dab Marble Set, Glass Mushroom Pillar Set, or the Dab Screw Set.
Material - Quartz Universally Compatible - Yes Outer Diameter - 30mm Spout Diameter - 8mm Spout Diameter when flipped - 18mm Auto Spin - Yes Recommended Pairing - Original Sidecar   Amazing craftsmanship with great function and durability. There are these dual spiral holes that create a vortex inside the quartz banger. The Dual Spinner Carb Cap from Honeybee Herb will keep your terps spinning so you can enjoy more dabs. In addition to keeping dab pearls in place, this cap also promotes more vapor production by spinning around inside your banger nail.  This vortex carb cap is responsible for spinning the air and terp the pearls in order to agitate the concentrated material. This is done for more efficient vaporization. This quartz dual spinner carb cap provides two functions, one side acts as a bubble carb cap, while the flip side is a directional/spinner carb cap. It adds a touch of class to any dab rig with its tiny piece of functional art. We recommend pairing this dual spinner dab carb cap with our original Sidecar Quartz Banger. It's best to pair these two together for the best dubbing experience.  This carb cap is going to blow your mind!
Glass Terp Chain - Two Piece Dab Inters Blue for Quartz Bangers & Nails | Honeybee Herb
Glass Terp Chain - Two Piece $24.99 Free Shipping
Top Marble - 22mm Valve Marble - 12mm Swinging Pearl - 6mm Chain Hang Length - 28mm Material - Glass The Two Piece Terp Chain is an awesome addition to any Honeysuckle style quartz nail. These function by sealing the top of the Honeysuckle style banger while the second valve marble with attached chain and 6mm pearl hangs into the cylinder of the nail. Airflow that is brought in through the air holes in the bottom of the Honeysuckle will cause the chain to whip and move.    This movement of the chain aids in the vaporization of your product by moving it around the cylinder as well as it will draw your product up the chain, enabling complete vaporization. This chain hang length is 28mm and the material of this dab insert is glass.   Also! Make sure to check out our One Piece Glass Terp Chains that are designed specifically for the Beehive, Whirlwind, or Honeysuckle Quartz Bangers!
Honey Bubble 25mm Glass Carb Cap For Quartz Dab Bangers & Nails | Honeybee Herb
HONEY BUBBLE CARB CAP $14.99 Free Shipping
Material - Glass Universally Compatible - No Outer Diameter - 30mm Spout Diameter - 8mm Auto Spin - No Recommended Pairing - Original Sidecar The Honey Bubble Carp Cap allows concentrates on moving easily around the surface area of your quartz banger for maximum vapor production. With a single carb hole on top of the bubble, airflow is easier to control. By using a Honey Bee Bubble Carp Cap, you can be sure to leave no puddles behind in your quartz nail, which means no waste!   The Honey Bubble Carb Cap is universally compatible with our bucket-style nails. This cap creates a seal between the cap's bubble and the nail's inner lip. The bubble allows for manipulation of the dab carb cap, and the spout will fit into any of our bucket-style nails.   Bubble shape is beneficial for redirecting airflow and will Efficiently trap heat for even heat distribution. The HONEY BUBBLE CARB CAP was created from high-quality borosilicate and this carb cap hole for improved airflow. So order one today before it's too late.   You can use this carb cap with our Original Sidecar quartz banger, which will surely give you the best dabbing session.
Honey & Milk Bevel Bowl Quartz Banger 90° Degree Yellow Line with 10mm 14mm 18mm Male & Female Joints for waterpipes | Honeybee Herb
WHITE Opaque Base Outer Diameter - 25mm Thickness - 2.5mm Bucket Height - 45mm Edge - Bevel 90° Frosted Joint Butane Torch Recommended Compatible Pearl Size(s) - 4mm, 6mm, 8mm Recommend Carb Cap(s) - Titanium Sword Carb Cap Honeybee Herb is happy to present you with a banger that is round-bottomed. This piece of equipment has been designed through real quartz material with a very strong made quality.   This quartz banger comes with both the Male and Female joints which are made to suit any beaker or rig. This banger nail has been made to withstand high temperatures with a design thought out to distribute heat quickly and evenly, this piece is an ideal option for multiple draw dabs and also comes with a 45° angle design and 90° angle design.   This is an all-in-one frosted joint that speaks about true elegance that you can bring with the living room centerpiece. You can use Titanium Sword Carb Cap with Honey & Milk Bevel Bowl Quartz Banger.
4 Pieces Blue Terp Slurper Set or Dab Marble Set For Banger Nail - Honeybee Herb
DAB MARBLE SETS - 4 PIECE $14.99 Free Shipping
Dab Marble set
Quartz Dab Straw Spinner Dabbers For Inhale Concentrate | Honeybee Herb
Introducing the newest member of our quartz dab straw family: the quartz spinner dab straw!If you thought our original quartz dab straw was amazing, just wait 'til you get a load of this game-changing device. With its patented spinning technology, your vaping experience will never be the same again.Our quartz spinner dab straw takes all the convenience and potency of our classic model and adds an amazing twist - literally. The unique spinning capsule provides a visually stunning experience as it rotates freely inside the stainless steel frame while you enjoy your terpene-rich vapor. Talk about mind-blowing flavor! No other product on the market can provide such an intense squeal of satisfaction with every puff.Through breathtaking in design, this product is not just eye candy; it's mighty powerful too. Assembled from top quality components, each crystalline coil ensures that your precious concentrates don't go to waste; instead, they'll produce heavenly plumes of vapor every time - at every temperature level with absolutely no clogging. Perfectly portable so you can whip it out whenever the mood strikes, this luxurious item is ready for whatever adventure awaits you.Whether for yourself or for someone special, Quartz Spinner Dab Straw will add a sophisticated edge to any dabbing session with its easy usability and mesmerizing visual appeal. Get yours today!   Please note the colored capsule will vary.