Brand Honeybee Herb

5.5 Inch Translucent Rig


Color: Blue

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5.5 Inch Translucent Rig

5.5 Inch Translucent Rig




  • Height - 5.5 inch
  • Joint - 14 Female
  • Multiple Color Options

Also Known As

  • 5.5 inch Translucent Rig
  • 5.5 inch Dab Rig


This is the 5.5-Inch Translucent Dab Rig. This translucent dab rig comes in 4 classic color options and is easy to clean and maintain. 

This 5.5 Inch Translucent Rig is tiny and easily portable making it ideal to take to the sesh! Although it is on the smaller side, it still produces big hits and big clouds to match. 


While you're looking at all the accessories, grab yourself a dab mat! This blog post will teach you everything you need to know about What Is A Dab Mat? 


What Does Translucent Mean? 

Translucent means that even though it comes in color options, they are see-through and very light color options.