Brand Honeybee Herb
Weld Full Weld
Angle 90° Degree
Bottom Material Opaque
Heating Type Torch / Heat Wand
Bucket Top Diameter 20mm
Bottom Style Flat
Arm Style Standard
Top Edge Bevel
Style Blender

Full Weld



Size: 14mm

Type: Male

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Honey & Milk Halo Quartz Banger 90 Degree Black Line with 14mm Male Joints for Dab Rigs Bongs | Honeybee Herb


14mm / Male

14mm / Male
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  • Thickness - 2.5mm
  • Height - 58mm
  • Outer Diameter - 20mm
  • Dish Diameter - 35mm
  • Edge - Bevel
  • 90° Frosted Joint
  • Seamless Weld
  • Opaque Bottom
  • Butane Torch Recommended
  • Compatible Pearl Size(s) - 4mm, 6mm, 8mm
  • Recommended Inserts - Dab Marble Set, Glass Mushroom Pillar Set, Dab Screw Set

Also Known As

  • Blender Style Banger
  • Opaque Bottom Banger


This Quartz Banger is a unique mix of our Honeybee Herb Beehive, or blender style banger, combined with features of a Honeysuckle Terp Slurper is guaranteed to impress you and anyone watching! 

The Honey And Milk Halo has a very cool function to it. It works by placing your product onto the dish to melt off your dab tool. Airflow is then brought in through three vertical slits located directly above the dish. This airflow sucks the melting concentrates into the Halo. 

Because the dish is so high up on the nail, your product will drop down into the base. As airflow continues to be brought in, it will move all of your product up and around the entire chamber of the Halo with minimal pooling and waste. 


For the best results, this blender-style banger works best with an Insert Set, as it is designed to. Recommended sizes: 4mm, 6mm.

A Dab Marble Set, Glass Mushroom Pillar Set, or a Dab Screw Set are all recommended for use with the halo.

Home-Made Dab Tool - Read about how common household things can help in your dabbing experience in this article.

Butane Vs. Propane - For your bucket banger, you should use an ideal torch. Become an expert on the torch from this blog so you can choose the one that is right for you.


Is The Opaque Bottom For Looks? 

The white bottom can be considered for looks, but it is also used for heating and helping to have zero waste. 

What Kind Of Banger Is Honey And Milk Halo?

The Honey and Milk Banger is a blender-style banger with a white bottom.

How Long Is My Honey And Milk Banger Supposed To Last?

Honey And Milk Bangers, if well maintained, can last several months and even years. However, if you do not take good care of your stuff, it can break more easily and not last anywhere near as long.