Brand Honeybee Herb
Weld Standard Weld
Angle 90° Degree
Bottom Material Clear
Heating Type Torch / Heat Wand
Bucket Top Diameter 20mm
Bottom Style Flat
Arm Style Standard
Top Edge Flat
Style Hot Nail

Standard Weld


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Size: 14mm

Type: Male

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Honey Stax XL With 14mm Male Joint For For Water Pipes, Bong & Dab Rigs | Honeybee Herb
Size: 14mm / Type: Male

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Honey Stax XL With 14mm Male Joint For For Water Pipes, Bong & Dab Rigs | Honeybee Herb


14mm / Male

Sale price
Regular price
14mm / Male


  • Outer Diameter - 20mm
  • Thickness - 2mm
  • Straight Frosted Joint
  • Butane Torch Recommended
  • Compatible Pearl Size(s) - None
  • Recommend Carb Cap(s) - None

Also Known As

  • Knot Banger
  • Stax Banger
  • Capless Banger


Perfect for hot temp dabs, introducing the Honey Stax! 

This 6-layer Quartz Banger can handle mega heat and is instantly ready for dabbing! 

Simply heat and smear your material on top. The six-layer honeycomb-like design allows your product to travel down the chambers. This movement prevents your material from staying in one spot or your nail and burning. 

The airflow intake that is created will also act as a carb cap, providing almost instant vaporization.


Household Dab Tools - Read about how common household things can help in your dabbing experience in this article. 



Do You Use A Cap With The Honey Stax? 

No, this Honey Stax-style banger does not require a carb cap to function properly. 

Can You Do Low Temp Dabs Out Of The Honey Stax? 

The Honey Stax was designed to be able to handle the heat, but it can most certainly take a little low-temperature love, too!