Brand Honeybee Herb
Material Stainless
Glass Type Milk
Glass Style Single Color
Handle Material Borosilicate Glass
Style Double Sided



Color: Green

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Green Glass Handle Oval Dab Tool Packaging View



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  • Dual Sided
  • Multiple Color Options
  • Steel Tip 

Also Known As

  • Oval Dab Tool
  • Dual Sided Tool
  • Dab Tool
  • Dabber Tool


Are you looking for a dabber tool that fits your style and serves its purpose? Look no further! We aim to bring you the best of the best high-quality accessories! This is Honeybee Herb’s Oval Dab Tool. 

This Oval Dab Tool is a dual-sided, middle glass-handled, and stainless steel tipped. It comes in 5 different color options, features a flat-like spatula scoop on one edge, and has a pointed spade tip on the opposite end. 

The flat edge is great for scooping, whipping, and easily transporting your product to and from your storage container to your banger. The pointed edge is great for breaking up and getting right to the point with your concentrates. 

With this dual-sided dabber tool in your collection, you will be picking up what you need with ease and doing it in a nice fashion! 


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Does The Oval Dab Tool Have A Double-sided Tip, And Is It Steel?

Yes, generally, the Oval Dab Tool is a double-sided tipped dab tool, and both sides are made of stainless steel.