Brand Honeybee Herb

PHOENIX STAR Straight 10 Inches Bong


Color: Black

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PHOENIX STAR Straight 10 Inches Bong

PHOENIX STAR Straight 10 Inches Bong




  • Height - 10 Inches
  • Thickness - 5MM
  • Base Diameter - 3.5 Inches
  • 3 Prong Ice Pinch
  • 14.4/18.8mm Removable Black Glass Downstem
  • 14mm Bowl
  • Golden Phoenix Logo
  • Color - Black, Blue, Green

Also Known As

  • Straight Tube Bong
  • Phoenix Star Straight Base 10-inch Bong
  • 10 inch Bong


This is the Phoenix Star Straight 10-Inch Bong. This Straight 10-Inch Bong reduces the risk of accidental knockovers and can help keep you organized with its smaller base. 

This PHOENIX STAR Straight Bong comes equipped with a 3-prong ice pinch to add ice from the mouthpiece for a cool and smooth hit on inhalation. 

This PHOENIX STAR Straight 10 Inches Bong is made from high-quality glass and has a detachable and removable downstem.


Honeybee Herb has an amazing selection of Flower Bowls! Check out our selection of flower bowls to mix and match with your new bong! 

Keck Clip - Looking for a replacement Keck Clip? Grab a 4 pack here! 


What Is A Keck Clip? 

A Keck Clip is a plastic clip that helps connect and get your bowl and downstem joints together and from becoming disconnected. This bong features a Keck Clip.