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Reclaim Replacement Glass Dish With Black Clips Clear View


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  • Material - Glass 
  • Includes Replacement Dish and Clip

Also Known As

  • Replacement Dish
  • Reclaim Replacement Dish


This is the Honeybee Herb Reclaim Replacement Dish! 

If you need an extra, are a little clumsy, or just have an accident and need a replacement, we have them on hand for you! 

With the detachable glass bottom, you can easily remove your trapped reclaim with no hassle or mess. You can clean and replace the one you have or snag a couple of extras to use as a replacement in case you are using one as a storage jar! 


This reclaim replacement dish is compatible with the Classic Reclaim Catcher, the Swan Neck Reclaim Catcher, and the Drop Down Reclaim Catcher. 

Check out our full line of glass or silicone dab adapters and downstems for getting the best accessory.


What Reclaim Catchers Do These Replacements Go With? 

This replacement dish is Compatible with Classic Reclaim Catcher, Compatible with Swan Neck Reclaim Catcher, Compatible with Drop Down Reclaim Catcher.