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Dab Rig Travel Kit Pack View With Waterpipe, Banger Nail, Carb Cap, Flower Bowl, And DabTool


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  • Rig Material - Silicone
  • Joint Size - 14mm Female
  • Rig Height - 7"
  • Base Diameter - 66mm
  • 14mm Male Quartz Nail
  • 14mm Male Glass Flower Bowl
  • Metal Dab Tool

Traveling somewhere? Or maybe you just want a dab rig kit that you cannot break. Introducing the Travel Bong Kit from Honeybee Herb. This complete setup of travel kits comes with a silicone travel bong rig that features an actual honey comb style percolator for efficient diffusion. This smokers travel kit also features a removable bottom allowing easy access for cleaning. 


The bong kit set also includes a 14mm male quartz banger, glass flower bowl, silicone carb cap and a metal dab tool. Grab this travel dab rig kit set today, bring this bong dab kit with you on your next trip, vacation or festival and see why this dabbing set is truly an all in one kit for on the go dabbing!