Cold Start Dabbing

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December 6, 2023

This blog is all about Cold Starts. What are cold starts? How do you do them? Please keep reading and learn everything you need to know to be a pro for cold start dabbing.

What Is Cold Start Dabbing?

Cold Start dabbing is a form of dabbing where instead of you heating your banger and dropping in a dab, you reverse it and you drop your dab in a cold banger, and then you cap and heat. It is a way of dabbing where you gradually heat the dab over time and at your own pace vs. immediately dropping your dab into a hot banger. Below are some pros and cons to cold start dabbing!

Cold Start Dabbing Pros:

Cold starts are fantastic because you can see the process from start to finish. You can gauge your heat and the size of your dabs better. 

Cold Start Dabbing Cons:

A con of Cold Starting is that your dabs typically heat up quicker than you anticipate. Sometimes, this can lead to hot dabs and even burning some, which doesn't taste or feel the best on your lungs.

Cold Start Dabs Vs. Regular?

Regular dabs are done by heating your dab banger, allowing it to cool, dropping your dab in, capping, and inhaling. It is a slower process in comparison to cold start dabbing. Cold Starts are done in reverse. You place your dabs in an unheated, hard banger cap and then heat, watching all the magic happen. You get to inhale quicker, and the dabs heat faster.

Step By Step Cold Start Dabbing Process?

Want a full breakdown of cold start dabbing? Here it is!

  • Step 1: Have a clean dab rig and banger set up.
  • Step 2: Place your Dab into your cold banger.
  • Step 3: Cap your banger.
  • Step 4: Heat your banger for about 15 seconds as usual.
  • Step 5: Watch for the melt and vaporization, and inhale.

Top 5 Bangers For Cold Start Dab

Bucket Style Bangers are perfect for Cold Start Dabbing. Here is a selection from Honeybee Herb.

  1. The Whirlwind - is an auto spinner with a deep bucket. This allows for big dabs and even heat distribution for little to no pooling of your product. The auto spinner feature has two auto spinner holes that make vaporization a breeze. 

    Whirlwind - 90° Degree Quartz Banger - BL | Honeybee Herb

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  2. Honey Stax - This is our unique style quartz banger that does not require carb and terp pearls. With this 20mm outer diameter and 2mm thickness you can enjoy the low temp dabbing experience. Also its 6-layer Quartz Banger can handle mega heat and is instantly ready for dabbing.

    Honey Stax | Honeybee Herb

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  3. The Original Bevel - is a classic bucket with phenomenal function. This style is as simple as it gets when wanting a plain jane banger with big function. Even heat distribution and vaporization are very similar to the Whirlwind. 

    Original Bevel - 90 Degree Quartz Nail - BL | Honeybee Herb

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  4. The Mini Bucket - for the tinniest of cold starts, baby dab lovers exist. This mini bucket is perfect for quick heat-ups as it takes no time to get hot and hits just as hard, just as fast. It doesn't hold a lot and doesn't require any extra heating time. 


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  5. The Honeywell - is an exception to the bucket style. Great to use with inserts when Cold Starting. Although this isn't a banger with a bucket, it can be a fun and creative way to cold start. Load up some dabs on your favorite insert, heat it, and watch it melt with ease!

    Honey Well - 90° Quartz Banger & Nail - BL | Honeybee Herb

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Are Cold Start Dabs Better For You?

Nothing has come out that says Cold Starts are better for you than Regular Dabbing. It is entirely personal preference what you like, and how you dab is 100% up to you.


Cold Starts are perfect for someone who can appreciate watching the magic happen. If you enjoy watching the melt and gaging exactly how hot and how much you are using, this method is for you. Heating happens quickly, and usually, you don't get much pooling of product. There has been nothing that has come out that says Cold Starts are better for you over Regular Dabbing. It is fully personal preference what you like and how you dab is 100% up to you at the end of the day, but we totally recommend trying it out to experience the magic of Cold Starts for yourself.


A cold start dab would be about half the time of a regular dab. You should have a nice, bubbly, low-temperature dab in fifteen seconds!

It is not recommended to cold start with a lighter. This makes your banger sooty and black, and it takes a while to heat up.

You can, but you run the risk of your inserts sticking together. It may take some extra effort inhaling to get things spinning.

Of course. Everyone has their preference, but cold start dabs are worth taking as far as effects go.


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