High Temp VS Low Temp Dabs - Who's King?

High Temp VS Low Temp Dab
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August 14, 2020

A lot of people wonder are high temp dabs or low temp dabs better for you. In this article we will be discussing the pros and cons of high and low temperature dabbing and the effects it has on you and your dabbing experience.

Cbd Dabs?

CBD Dabbing is the consumption by inhaling vaporized cannabidiol AKA CBA. This is a cannabinoid found in different strains of cannabis. It is beneficial or things like inflammation, anxiety, and even depression. You consume CBD by heating a torch, placing your favorite concentrate into your favorite banger of choice, capping, and inhaling all the good stuff. Always be sure to clean your nail after each use.

Low Temp Cbd Dabs

Low temperature dabs typically range from 450-575. Low temperature dabs has its own set of pros and cons. Low temperature dabs are said to provide a good buzz and a nice balance that minimizes harshness but maximizes flavor and longevity.


  • more flavor. With the lower temperature you can taste your concentrate and get all the terpy goodness you're after.
  • Easier on throat and lungs. Low temp dabs provide a smoother hit when you inhale.
  • Your buzz lasts a little bit longer.


  • Smaller clouds, so does not produce as much vapor production.
  • not as potent, meaning it doesn't hit you as hard or as immediate as a higher temp dab.
  • more leftover, meaning you have to reheat or clean excess residue out of your banger.
low temp dabs with carb caps
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High Temp Cbd Dabs

High temperature dabs are popular although they can be rougher around the edges. High temperature dabs are show stoppers when it comes to cloud production but they aren't for the weak.


  • Stronger effects. It hits you more immediately after you inhale when it is vaporized at a higher temperature.
  • Big, milky, smoky clouds. Everyone loves seeing how cloudy they can make it.
  • Burns and vaporizes your concentrate at a higher temperature causing it to burn more evenly leaving behind little to no waste.


  • Harsher on your lungs. It burns your throat just a little on inhale.
  • Less flavor, you almost get a toasty flavor vs the flavor of your concentrate.
  • You run the risk of burning your product and the cannabinoid compounds which means it will have little to no effect and you will go through it faster.

Comparison Chart Of Low And High Temperature Cbd Dabs

There are various pros and cons to high temperature and low temperature dabbing. Here is a chart that helps break down those pros and cons.


Low Temperature CBD Dabs

High Temperature CBD Dabs

Vaporization Speed



Vapor Quality



CBD Preservation


Lower, burns more up

Effects Intensity

Not as hard hitting, longer lasting..

Very good. Hits you more immediately.

Efficiency of Cannabinoid Extraction

Slower process, higher yield.

Faster process, runs the potential for error.

Waste and Combustion Risk



Recommended Nail Temperature Range



Residue Buildup

Higher, may require a reheat.

Lower, burns more up

High Or Low Temp Cbd Dabbing: Which Is Right For You?

At the end of the day it's all about what you prefer. Do you want a softer buzz or a more immediate hard hit? Slow and steady wins the race or straight to the face? It's all about what you like. Low temp dabs ensure a smoother hit and less waste, but higher temp dabs hit you harder and get you where you want to be faster and leaves nothing behind. You know what is right for you.


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