High Temp VS Low Temp Dabs - Who's King?

High Temp VS Low Temp Dab

When it comes to CBD dabbing low temp and high temp CBD dabs are always a topic of conversation.

People tend to have different opinions on the matter, but low temp CBD dabs are becoming increasingly popular, as many people believe it provides more flavorful terpene profiles and is not as harsh on the throat or lungs.

Comparison Breakdown

High temp CBD dabs can cause what's called "reverse scorching" where the CBD dab is too hot and the delicate terpene molecules are actually destroyed. If you're a fan of flavorful CBD dabs, low temps are definitely the way to go.

Negatives of High Temp

Another con of hot CBD dabs is the fact high temperatures can lead to wasted product, as the CBD oil may vaporize before it can be inhaled, and high temperature CBD dabs are known to cause irritation and even pain.

Negatives Of Low Temp

A con of low temp CBD dabbing for some people is the lack of large clouds. Many low temp CBD dabs won't produce the same levels of vapor as hot CBD dabs, but this is due to the fact that low temperature CBD dabbing doesn't waste product. Since low temp CBD dabbing doesn't destroy terpene molecules, the taste and smell of low temp CBD dabs are often more pronounced.


Ultimately, the best temperature for CBD dabbing will depend on personal preference. Experiment with different temperatures to see what works best for you. So, whether you're looking for big clouds or flavor, a CBD dab is always the way to go!