History Of Dabs: The Origin Of Cannabis Concentrates.

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Dabs have been a thing for thousands of years and are becoming more and more popular. In the beginning, it was known as Hashish Pouring strongly out of India, China, and Persia for medicinal and religious purposes. Hash is the extraction and compression of the trichomes on the flower. In this article, we will discuss what dabbing is, its different forms, how to do it, and where it came from.

What is CBD Dabbing?

CBD Dabbing is the consumption by inhaling vaporized cannabidiol, AKA CBA. This is a cannabinoid found in different strains of cannabis. It is beneficial for things like inflammation, anxiety, and even depression. You consume CBD by heating a torch, placing your favorite concentrate into your favorite banger of choice, capping, and inhaling all the good stuff. Always be sure to clean your nail after each use.

Who Invented Dabs?

Dabs were created by a chemist named Ronald Stark. This man was in a smuggling organization known as The Brotherhood of Eternal Love back in the 1970s. The Brotherhood of Eternal Love began small in Afghanistan and slowly became a larger scheme. They had to concentrate the hashish to make it easier to traffic and go undetected. The DEA is who coined Ronald Stark to be the inventor as he was the chief chemist for The Brotherhood of Eternal Love.

The Rise Of The Dabbing?

The evolution of dab rigs has come a long way. In the beginning, you found people heating up two knives red hot and putting their hash/concentrate in between them, and inhaling the vapor directly. Fast forward, and the dome and nail were created. This was typically a titanium or glass nail that you placed a glass dome over. This nail is attached to your rig for an easy dabbing experience. Nowadays, with modern dabbing, you can choose from a surplus of dab nails, from quartz to titanium to ceramic, that easily attach to any rig you may have as long as the size is correct, or you can go with an e-rig or an electric rig for the most hassle-free experience.

Early Forms Of Weed Concentrates.

Hash oil is one of the earliest forms of concentrates. BHO Hash Oil was brought over by lead chemist Ronald Starks. Later, Michael Starks came out with a book about his at-home experience with cannabis chemistry. After that, the media did what it does, and the internet took hold. In 2010, Hash Oil made its first appearance at the High Times Cannabis Cup.

Concentrates on Publications.

As Cannabis Concentrate popularity grew. So did the research, how to, and curiosity behind it. Thus came its first publications discussing concentrate methods and processes. D Gold published Cannabis Alchemy: The Art of Modern Hash Making in 1973. Later in 1977, Michael Stark produced his own publication called Marijuana Chemistry: Genetics, Processing, and Potency. Stark's research utilized many different solvents outside of alcohol and overall expanded the knowledge we have today.

Dabbing In The 20th Century: Dabs have been around for thousands of years, but 20th-century research shows that chemist Roger Adams began synthesizing and manipulating CBD and THC cells. Then came Stanley Lovell. Lovell created an organic way to concentrate the cells. After that, Dr. Raphael Mechoulam found how to isolate THC molecules and played an important role in using cannabis as medicine. The Brotherhood of Eternal Love, also known as the Hippie Mafia, had led chemist Ronald Stark to develop BHO and other now-modern cannabis concentrates. 

Dabbing In The 21st Century: Dabbing in the 21st Century, you find more and more states legalizing medical and recreational cannabis. As the laws change, so have the processes to make cannabis concentrates. Extraction processes have changed and experimentally have been tested to find the best methods; these include ethanol, butane, and CO2. It was tested that if you keep the pressure low and use a solvent of your choice, it increases the yield of your product. After exploring new techniques it has been found you can also use heated pressure alone for a solventless method of creating products like rosin.

The Most Common Cannabis Concentrates & Extract Methods.

Common types of concentrates are referred to as Resin, Rosin, BHO, Budder, Hash, Shatter, etc. All of these different concentrates are brought to us by different extraction methods. CO2 extraction is the process of utilizing CO2 as your solvent. Ethanol extraction is a solvent extraction using alcohol as your solvent. BHO is extracted by using hydrocarbon as your solvent. Water and Dry Ice and Heat and Pressure are solventless methods of extractions using just raw plant material.

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Modern Concentrates Consumption.

Traditional methods of smoking are those such as bongs, blunts, joints, and pipes with dry flowers. In today's smoking world, dabbing is a new phenomenon. Dabbing can be done with a rig, a nectar collector, an e-rig, and even vape devices. It is a more potent and more immediate method of consumption.


Dabbing is a thing of the past for sure but is now a huge part of the future of the cannabis world. It became such a popular method of consumption and has progressed majorly throughout the years. When it comes to dabbing and accessories, Honeybee Herb knows exactly what to do.

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