Honeybee Herb Your No: 1 Online Dabbing Accessories Partner

Honeybee Herb Your No 1 Online Dabbing Accessories Partner
Last Updated On February 11, 2024 at 1:34 am
February 11, 2024

Who We Are?

We are Honeybee Herb! Your number one, one stop shop for all your dabbing essentials and needs! We have all the latest designs, styles, colors, and options when it comes to accessories you want to add to your dabbing collection! Don't just take our word for it, we have top notch reviews and testimonials from dabbers all over in the community to back us up! With the latest colors and styles we can help you bring your dabbing collection to the next level!

Our History

Honeybee Herb was started by two brothers! Growing up in Pennsylvania they found it difficult to find smoking accessories that were clean, stylish, and unique so they decided to join the industry and start their own business. Constantly evolving and changing through trial and error, Honeybee Herb has grown to what it is today.

Our Mission

Here at Honeybee Herb our mission is to offer the best online smoking accessories you can find at affordable prices and quality materials. Whether you are a pro or someone just starting out we want to offer a diverse range of accessories for any and everybody.

Our Vision

Our Vision is simple. At Honeybee Herb, we want to change the game in the industry, setting a new standard for smoking accessories. We provide a quality line up of products and education to enhance the aspects of your sesh experience.

Our Products Line

  • Banger - Bringing you the good, better, best! We offer 3 distinct lines of bangers, each bringing a different tier of cost and quality that is sure to fit your needs. 
  • Titanium Nails - Titanium nails a thing of the past not here at Honeybee Herb! We have a top notch collection of Titanium Products ready to go for the old school dabber or a newbie just getting started! 
  • Bong And Dab Rig - We offer a range of different size, colors, and styles of Bongs and Dab Rigs to pair perfectly with your Honeybee Herb Accessories. 
  • Dab Tools - We provide an assortment of different Dabber Tools. From wooden, to Resin Handled, Glow in the Dark, and a traditional Metal Tool, we have them all! 
  • Inserts - Inserts were meant to level up and elevate your smoking experience. Here at Honeybee Herb we have an array of inserts from marble sets, to terp pearls, to pillars! 
  • Bong Bowl - Enhance your experience with all the different varieties of Flower Bowls we have to offer! From colorful choices or a crystal clear clean style, we have both to fit your style. 
  • Downstem - Need to replace that old downstem or had an accidental breakage? We have all the replacements you need in stock and in multiple sizes! 
  • Carb Caps - Here at Honeybee Herb we offer a wide variety of Carb Caps ranging from glass to quartz and to colors of all kinds! We offer slurper sets and marble sets that come with a cap and insert! 
  • Nectar Collector - Check out our Nectar Collector Collection! Perfect for the dabber on the go that needs quick and convenient.  
  • Dab Station - Here at Honeybee Herb we believe that a Dab Station is an essential part of keeping your sesh spot clean and organized. With our new line of dab stations, you can enhance your setup with a small dab station or a large one to fit your needs. 
  • Puffco Proxy Accessories - For the modern Puffco enthusiasts we have added a line dedicated to the Puffco Proxy. Level up your experience with any of our Proxy Accessories.

Contacts And Social

Stay connected with us and follow our social media channels to keep up with all the latest and all things Honeybee Herb!

Join Hive Nation to be a part of the Honeybee Herb community and let us help you enjoy your journey!


Quartz Bangers & Dab Nails for Dab Rigs, Bongs | Honeybee Herb

Quartz Bangers & Dab Nails

Buy low price, high quality domeless titanium dab nail, dab tools, dab rig nail, dab rig kit & dab rig starter kit online at Honeybee Herb. These nails fit in a variety of water pipes and vapor rigs.

Titanium Dab Nails

Adaptors & Downstems

Adaptors & Downstems

Flower Bowl

Flower Bowl

Honeybee Herb is offering a variety of dabber, quartz dab tools, carb caps, dab cap, bangers, and other dabbing accessories designed for use with domeless nails

Carb Caps

Dabbers & Carb Caps | Glass Dabber, Quartz Dab Tools With Carb Cap

Dabbers & Dab Tools

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