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Glass Adapter for Dab Rig | (10 Male - 14 Female) Bong Adapter - Honeybee Herb
GLASS CONVERTER ADAPTER $10.20 $11.99 Free Shipping
If you're a fan of both rigs and bongs, then you know how frustrating it can be when your favorite pieces need to be compatible. That's where our rig and bong converters come in! These handy little glass adaptors allow you to connect any banger or flower bowl to any waterpipe, so you can enjoy the best of both worlds without buying new pieces.   Our rig and cart bong converter adapters are made of high-quality glass, so you can be sure they won't affect the taste or quality of your smoke. We have also gone the extra mile and have produced them with a full frosted effect. They're also very easy to use; simply attach the silicone cart rig adapter to the rig or beaker bong and then place your banger or flower bowl into the opening end of the adaptor. In just seconds, you'll be able to enjoy the smooth, flavorful hits you love.   So don't let incompatible pieces ruin your smoking experience - pick up our collection of a dab rig and bong dab adapters today and smoke happy!   If you are in need of other components to add to your toolbox make sure to check out our full line of glass or silicone dab adapters and downstems.
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Reclaim Catcher Male & Female joint 45 & 90 Degree Double Pack For Dab Rigs Bongs | Honeybee Herb
Reclaim Catcher Double Pack $29.75 $34.99 Free Shipping
Honeybee Herb Reclaim Catcher Double Pack: The Most Common Features Of Our Reclaim Catcher Pack are: 2 Reclaim Catchers One with 90° Degree Quartz Banger & Nail with a 14mm Male Joint Angle  One with 45° Degree Quartz Banger & Nail with a 14mm Male Joint Angle  Silicone Dab Slick Attached: FDA Approved Grade Do you like to get the absolute most out of your dab sessions? Then, the Dab Rig Reclaim Catcher Double Pack is for you. This package features 2 dabbing reclaim catchers, one with a 45° degree banger joint angle and a second that utilizes a 90° degree banger joint angle.    No matter what angle your rig's joint is, you will be able to catch all of your reclaim. Both reclaim catchers feature a 14mm male joint to fit into your rig 14mm female joint, and a 14mm female joint to fit your 14mm male banger.   The dabbing reclaim catcher serves one primary purpose, to catch your reclaim or leftover dab material. It acts as a collection reservoir between your quartz banger & nail and your bongs.   Any non-vaporized material that is sucked through the nail and any reclaim that accumulates will be collected in the dab reclaim catcher, not on your dab rig nail, making the dab rig reclaim catcher useful and aesthetically pleasing.   These 14mm reclaim catchers both feature an FDA-approved silicone container that attaches to the bottom, making collecting your reclaim for later use easier than ever before. The two-pack is a value that is hard to pass up.    For this price, it is hard to believe that you can outfit two of your rigs with different joint angles, beautiful-looking, and highly functional reclaim catchers. Don't hesitate on this double pack and order yours now!
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3 Inch Sizes Downstem | 18mm to 14mm Downstem Replacement For Bongs | Honeybee Herb
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The downstem is one of the most important parts of any water pipe, bong, or bubbler. It is responsible for diffusing and aerating the smoke before it reaches your lungs, and it can also help to cool the smoke down. Designed to fit 18mm male jointed water pipes, this 14mm female downstem fits those perfectly. Considerations When Choosing a Downstem   There are a few things to consider when choosing a downstem for your Bong or Waterpipe. The first is the joint size - you'll need to make sure that the downstem sizes fits snugly into your water pipe's joint. The second is the length - you'll want to choose a glass downstem that is long enough to reach the bottom of your water pipe but not so long that it makes it difficult to clean. Finally, you'll need to decide on the type of glass downstem you want. There are two main types - diffused downstem and non-diffused downstem. Diffused downstems have slits or holes that help to diffuse the smoke, while non-diffused bong downstems do not. Final Verdict No matter what type of downstem bubbler you choose, make sure that it is made from high-quality materials. Cheap downstems for waterpipe can break easily and can be difficult to clean.  If you're looking for a great selection of downstems, check out our online head shop. We've got a wide variety of downstems lengths to choose from, and we're sure you'll find the perfect one.
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Glass Reducer For Banger & Dab Rigs | Honeybee Herb
GLASS REDUCER $8.00 $9.99 Free Shipping
The glass reducer is used to convert 10 male bangers to be used on a dab rig that has 14 female openings. If you need a different-size glass converter adapter, you can check out our full line of glass adapters. Considering that every smoker has their own preferences, no bong or rig is perfect for everyone. Despite this, you don't have to accept a disappointing experience. By using bong dab adapters and converters, you can change how your tools work. You need to be able to pick the appropriate joint size and joint gender conversion for your items because there are so many different bongs, dab rigs and reclaim catcher available.