What Is A Downstem? Mastery Guideline To Choose Downstem

What Is A Downstem? Mastery Guideline To Choose Downstem
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January 23, 2024

Downstems are an important part of the anatomy of a bong. There are different types of Downstem, and they have an anatomy of their own! In this blog post, we will go over the elements of a Downstem and why we use them!

What Is A Downstem?

A Downstem is either a removable or a stationary piece of the bong. It is a stem that connects your bowl piece to your bong's joint and acts as a filtration system when you light and inhale.

Anatomy Of A Downstem.

  • Top Joint - This can be frosted or non-frosted and is where you place your bowl piece.
  • Stem - This is the actual tube part of the Downstem that your smoke travels through before being filtered through the water. This is the longest portion of the Downstem.
  • Filter - This is the bottom portion of your Downstem that has specific slits or holes to act as a filtration system when inhaling.

Different Types Of Downstem?

You can get Downstems in different types with different filtration styles, such as these:

Open Ended Downstems: An Open Ended Downstem is exactly how it sounds, it is a downstem with an open end. This is one of the most common but also the least filtering of the downstems. It is easy to clean with two open ends. 

Slit Downstems: A Slit Downstem is a downstem with a closed-off end but has cut slits anywhere from 2-4 typically that creates bubbles that allow your smoke to filter through the water as you inhale. The more bubbles the better the filtration and better hit. 

Diffused Downstems: Diffused Downstems, also known as Popped Holes Downstems, have one of the best filtration systems of the different types of downstems. The popped holes in the bottom of the closed-ended downstem create tons of bubbles, allowing a smoother and cooler hit on inhale.

How To Use A Bong Downstem?

Step 1: Insert your clean Downstem into your bong if it is not already fixed in place.

Step 2: Place your bowl piece inside the joint of the Downstem, light, and inhale.

Step 3: Watch as the smoke diffuses through the water, resulting in an effortless hit.

The Benefits Of Using A Bong Downstem

Using a Downstem is practical due to the filtrating component it adds to your smoking experience. Without the Downstem, your rips would be harsher on your lungs vs a rip with a bong with a Downstem.

Common Downstem Sizes

Although you can get Downstems in a variety of different sizes and lengths, these are the most common joint sizes and tube lengths:

Joint Size: The most common and recognized joint size is 14mm, but you can also get them in 10mm and 18mm.

Downstem Length: Downstem Tube lengths can range anywhere from 3 inches - 6 inches. The length you need will be determined by the bong piece and how much room you have to insert your Downstem.

Measure The Size Of The Downstem & What Size You Need.


Using a penny to determine the size of the joint you need is common. A ruler or tape measurer is used to determine the length. You can also use this method to determine the joint size, but a penny just seems easier!

How To Choose The Perfect Downstem?

When choosing a Downstem, there are a few things to remember. Firstly, double-check what joint size and length you need. Depending on where you purchase, you can get different colored Downstems to match your aesthetic. Lastly, get a Downstem with good filtration for the coolest hits!

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How To Clean Your Bong Downstem?

Cleaning your Downstem is simple and easy. Follow these steps for easy cleaning:

Part 1: Remove your Downstem and place it into a plastic bag with isopropyl alcohol and a little bit of coarse salt or a cleaning solution of your choosing.

Part 2: Shake for a few minutes and watch the grime melt off. If it is extra dirty, you can allow it to soak for about five to ten minutes. Rinse thoroughly and allow it to dry.

For You: We also cover how to clean your quartz banger for a long-lasting banger.


There you have it, all things about Downstems! Downstems are important when it comes to functionality and ease of our seshes. If you don't have a Downstem, we definitely recommend getting one. Follow us to keep up with the latest!


This all depends on how your bong was made. Some bongs have removable, and some were made with fixed. Removable Downstem pieces are convenient because they are easily replaced if broken.

Yes, if it is removable, you can easily replace it yourself. If it is not removable or fixed, you will have to have an artist or glass blower to remove and replace the Downstem.

Yes. It is a beneficial piece of equipment that aids in filtration and joint connection.


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