Cleaning Process Of Quartz Bangers: A Step-By-Step Guide

How to clean quartz bangers
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September 2, 2023

Every dabber loves having and keeping their favorite dabbing accessories, tools, and pieces clean. So, knowing how to clean a Quartz Banger properly is important. All the dabbers need to know the proper cleaning process for their dabbing accessories. Just like that, a quartz banger nail is the best dabbing accessory from other materials (Titanium And Ceramic Banger) for all dabbers. In this blog, we will discuss the proper way to clean your Quartz Bangers.

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Types Of Cleaning Methods For Quartz Dab Bangers?

Cleaning your Quartz Bangers can be as quick as swabbing the inside of your banger or getting that extra good soak; it is all according to how often you are dabbing and how rough you are on your bangers.

Clean After Every Dab

Cleaning after each use is easier than it sounds. After you hit your dab while your Quartz is still warm, not hot, take a Q-tip swab dipped in iso alcohol and swirl it around the inside of your banger nail. This removes an excess product in your dab banger, so it does not bake on your quartz banger when you use it next.

Deep Clean

If you still see some residue or want a good clean, place your quartz nail into an iso alcohol soak and allow your dab nail to soak for 15-30 minutes. Rinse, wipe out, and allow to dry completely.

Tools And Materials Needed

For cleaning your quartz dab rig banger, you can use some tools and materials to get the best feedback in cleaning. Like ISO Alcohol, Honey Swabs/Q-Tips, etc.

Isopropyl Alcohol: The alcohol or cleaning solutions help break the remaining residue and product down to be easily removed.

Kosher Salt: Coarse Kosher Salt can be added to your iso alcohol. This acts like a scrub brush and helps give additional texture to remove residue stuck to the bottom or sides.

Zip-Top Plastic Bag: A zipped bag or container is excellent for soaking your Quartz Banger Nail. This is used when your Bangers need that more profound clean.

Warm Water: You always want to rinse with warm water. Warm water rinses the iso alcohol and residue off your Quartz Nail.

Q-Tips: Q-tips/Honey Swabs, typically bamboo, as plastic melts when it gets warm, can quickly swab the inside or in small spaces of your quartz dab banger.

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Step-by-Step Quartz Dab Rig Banger Cleaning Process?

Step 1:  While your quartz nail is still warm, not hot, take a Q-tip and soak up any excess product.

Step 2: Next, dip your clean Q-tip in iso alcohol and swab the inside of your dab banger, cleaning any remaining residue off. 

Step 3: Rinse your quartz nail with warm water. 

Step 4: Allow to dry completely before your subsequent use. 

Step 5: If you need more than a swab, allow your quartz banger to soak in iso alcohol for 15-30 minutes, rinse, and allow to dry.


Cleaning your quartz dab rig banger sounds like a hassle, but it is super easy and beneficial to your dabbing accessories or dab tools in the long run. Keeping your Quartz Bangers clean can keep them clear, free of wear and tear, and increase the longevity of being used. 

It keeps the taste of your product from being altered and is, all in all, just a better way to dab. So knowing the best dab tool selection process and their proper cleaning, as well as maintaining process, is very important in dabbing life for all dabbers.


A Quartz Banger needs to be cleaned to prolong the quality and shelf life of the banger nail. Having a dirty banger or banger with leftover residue can cause your dab banger to deteriorate faster and cause the clarity of your banger to turn cloudy.

At first, soak the quartz dab banger in 99% isopropyl alcohol and coarse salt for 30-40 min. Then swab the banger inside thoroughly.

It is recommended that you clean your dab rig banger after each use. This ensures you are not heating any leftover residue onto your banger. Heat can set stains, so it is important to get it clean.

If your quartz dab nail turns black, you still have additional residue left in your dab nail. To remove this, you can soak your banger nail in Iso Alcohol to help remove the remaining residue.


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