Puffco Proxy: Gudie To Accessories For Optimal Performance

Last Updated On June 6, 2024 at 6:54 am
February 2, 2024

We have all heard of electronic accessories in the dabbing industry. Puffco took the industry by storm when it came out with the Puffco Proxy, one of Puffco's newest electric atomizers. In this blog post, we will talk about some of the outstanding accessories you can pair with it!

Understanding Of Puffco Proxy Accessories

So what are Puffco Proxy Accessories? Puffco Proxy Accessories are uniquely designed, colored, or creative elements that you can add to and dress your Proxy up in. It's like a jacket you can swap out for another specifically made for the Puffco Proxy.

Some Best Puffco Proxy Accessories?

Here are some of the best accessories that you can have to pair with your proxy!

Proxy Crystal Classic Pipe: This is a clear, classic pipe design. It brings a certain level of elegance to the table. The Proxy sits directly into a large opening for a good seal of the attachment piece and the proxy itself.

Proxy Crystal Sherlock: The Sherlock Proxy, is an old school Sherlock Holmes style pipe attachment. The Proxy sits in the Pipe Attachment to create the facade of smoking out of a clear, old-school pipe vs just the proxy piece.

Proxy Bowl/Adapter: The Proxy Flower Bowl Adapter, allows you to have the convenience of the electric component while also having a traditional bowl to fill with herbs and hit.

Proxy Banger: The Proxy Banger Attachment allows you to utilize a banger with the Proxy without having to use a torch. You still get to use the electric heating element.

Proxy Carb Caps: Proxy Carb Caps come in many different color options and styles. This is to cap and help seal and vaporize your product just like you would with a traditional quartz banger.

Proxy Chamber: The Proxy Chamber is a ceramic bowl that Puffco designed to preserve terpenes. This is the part of the Proxy that heats and vaporizes your concentrates.

Hot Knife/Heated Dab Tool: A hot knife is an electric dab tool that helps you gently drop your dab into your piece with no mess and no leftover residue.

Proxy Travel Bag: This is a bag that conceals and helps carry your Proxy and the accessories to go with it.

Advanced Atomizers: Puffco Proxy Atomizers are replaceable pieces. The atomizer is a small ceramic attached piece that you place your concentrates into. It does not use a coil like other electric devices.

Benefits Of Using Proxy Accessories.

The benefits of using Proxy Accessories is simple. You are adding creativity, a unique style, design, or color to your Proxy, all in all upgrading the original piece into something specific to you and your aesthetic. Accessories allow for customization and individuality to be shown.

Puffco Proxy Accessories Cleaning And Maintenance.

Puffco Proxy Accessories cleaning and maintenance follows the same guidelines as any other dabbing accessory. You want to swab with a q-tip or soak/shake in isopropyl alcohol. This removes any excess residue you have.

Cleaning Support: Check out our quartz banger cleaning guide for a better cleaning experience.

Best Glass Puffco Proxy Accessories: Where Can I Find?

Proxy Accessories are made and created by tons of different places and you can typically find them easily. However, if you don't want to search hard, you can find Puffco Proxy Accessories right here at Honeybee Herb! We have a Puffco Proxy accessory line so that dabbers alike can have everything conveniently in one place!

What You Need to Know About Puffco Proxy?

Is Puffco proxy worth it?

This depends on if you enjoy the traditional or the modern way of dabbing. Would you rather use a torch or dab with the click of a button, the choice is ultimately up to you but we think it's worth it.

How many hits can you get from a Puffco proxy?

Puffco users reported getting about 8-10 hits from one session. 

What is the battery life of the Puffco proxy?

4-6 hours depending on how frequently it is used. 

How do you boost mode on Puffco proxy?

Double Tap the power button or use the boost mode on the Puffco App.

What does rainbow mode do on Puffco proxy?

Rainbow mode does a rainbow color effect when turned on. 

Can you put a 3D Chamber in a Proxy?

Yes, you can! 

Is the Puffco proxy a bubbler?

No, it is not but you can add a bubbler attachment piece to it. 

How long does it take to fully charge a Puffco proxy?

1-2 hours for a full charge. 

What is the hottest setting on Puffco proxy?

565 is the highest heat setting. 

Can you put water in a Puffco proxy?

You cannot put water into the Proxy itself but can in any water attachment piece. 

Why is my Puffco proxy flashing red?

Flashing red could be an indication of numerous things. You should read your puffco proxy user guide or contact puffco directly for assistance. 

How do you clean a Proxy chamber?

swab with an iso dipped q-tip or allow it to soak in iso alcohol when completely cooled. 

What is the lowest temperature on Puffco proxy?

505 degrees is the lowest temperature. 


There you have it, Puffco Proxy Accessories explained and then some! Grab your own Puffco Proxy Accessory from Honeybee Herb today! Follow us to keep up with the latest!


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