What are Quartz Inserts and How Do You Use Them?

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August 14, 2020

What are quartz inserts?

Quartz inserts are dabbing accessories, typically spherical shaped balls, but these days come in various shapes and sizes. These accessories are used inside a banger of your choice for spinning to create maximum airflow and evenly distribute your dabs and heat.

Benefits of using a quartz insert

There are many benefits to using Quartz Inserts, mainly being even distribution, heat retention, and flavor, but they can be beneficial for other reasons as well when it comes to our personal preferences.

  1. Enhanced Flavor: Inserts spin causing even distribution and enhanced flavor. 
  2. Increased Vaporization: When your product is evenly distributed and heated, you get maximum vaporization.
  3. Improved Heat Retention: The spinning function causes heat to be evenly distributed therefore causing better and longer lasting heat retention. 
  4. Visual Enhancement: Quartz inserts can be visually and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.
  5. Customizable Options: Inserts can come in various shapes, sizes, colors, and styles to fit your personality and match your glass.
  6. Easy to Clean: Inserts are easy to clean simply by soaking them in ISO or a cleaning solution and wiping them off. It's that simple. 
  7. Affordable and Accessible: Quartz inserts are cost-effective and easily accessible to everyone when you shop with Honeybee Herb.

How Do You Use a Quartz Insert?

Quartz inserts are a huge phenomenon in the dabbing world. Here are two different methods of using a quartz insert.

Drop-in Method

The Drop-in-method is when you heat your banger and allow it to cool to your desired temperature and then add your quartz inserts to the banger of your choice. This ensures the insert doesn't get too hot too quickly.

Reheat Method

You can also already have your quartz insert placed in your banger. Then you would heat and drop your dab as normal. Just be sure not to overheat, as overheating can cause your inserts to break down over time.

Get-Inserts To Save Your Concentrates
To enjoy a better dabbing experience, we invite you to explore our selection of quartz inserts.

What Do You Look for in a Quartz Insert?

There are lots of things that factor into a quartz insert. You want to make sure you are getting good quality, what you want, and the best bang for your buck. These are some key things to take into account when looking for quartz inserts:

  • Material Quality: You always want to look for a high-quality quartz crystal. 
  • Size/Thickness: Different inserts can be different mm's. You want to make sure you get one that fits and pairs well with your banger. 
  • Design and Shape: Inserts come in various shapes and designs. You can choose anything to match and fit your style. 
  • Ease of Cleaning: Quartz is an easy material to clean. Make sure to clean after each use so you don't end up with any left over residue for the next use. 
  • Personal Preferences: Always take into consideration your own personal preferences. At the end of the day it's all about what you like. 
  • Reviews and reputation: Buy inserts from a reputable brand. Don't be afraid to read reviews and get advice.

How To Clean Quartz Inserts

Cleaning quartz inserts is an easy and essential part of dabbing. You always want to ensure your accessories are cleaned and well taken care of to ensure longevity for future use.

  • Remove the inserts: Remove the inserts with a dab claw. They will be hot.
  • Rinse with warm water: Rinse them with warm water to loosen the concentrate. 
  • Use a cleaning solution: Use ISO or a cleaning solution of your choosing. 
  • Soak the quartz inserts: Soak the inserts in the cleaning solution for a few minutes. 
  • Gently scrub: Gently scrub or wipe with a paper towel or Q-tip
  • Rinse again: Rinse again with warm water.
  • Dry the quartz inserts: Dry the inserts with a paper towel. Excess water can make it break down easier when heated for the next use. 
  • Store: Store in an area where you won't lose them.

If you're interested in acquiring knowledge about cleaning titanium dab nails, we encourage you to explore our informational sources.

Some Do's and Don'ts of Using Quartz Inserts

Do's Don'ts
Store in a flat dry space Leave the dirt.
Keep it clean Overheat


All in all quartz inserts are a great accessory to have and are sure to be a conversation starter at any sesh. Make sure you look for high quality products that won't break the bank and at Honeybee Herb, we can help you with that. Visit us today and get started with your very own quartz insert.


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