What are Quartz Inserts and How Do You Use Them?

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The inserts occupy a quartz nail’s bucket, creating a gap between your concentrate and the bottom of your dab nail. You’re probably wondering why you need a bowl inside another bowl. Good question. Let’s answer this below. 

Why Should You Use a Quartz Insert?

Have a Clean Quartz Banger

You paid a pretty penny for your quartz banger. That’s why you should take care of it. Unfortunately, low temp dabs leave residue behind, which is a pain to clean up. With an insert in place, the residue would spare your banger, staining the lower-cost insert instead. 

Cut the Cool Down Time 

Quartz inserts have a barrier of air between them and your hot nail. The walls of the insert are pretty thick too, slowing how fast they heat up. This lets you dab from a pretty hot nail, almost instantly. This is great for all of you impatient dabbers out there. 

Never Burn a Concentrate

Unfortunately, burning concentrate is very easy to do. The additional barrier of an insert makes this an extra hard task. 

Get the Best Low Temp Dabs

What kind of dabber doesn’t love low temp dabs? Although delicious, they’re art to master. Remember how we mentioned that quartz inserts don’t easily get hot? Induction is by your side, letting you hit the sweetest dabs.

This information will help you to tell the difference between a high temp dab vs low temp dab before getting one

How Do You Use a Quartz Insert?

Quartz inserts are more than handy. However, how do you even use them? There are two ways. Let’s talk about them below. 

Drop-in Method 

  • Heat your quartz nail 
  • Remember to let cool it down
  • Drop your insert in. We recommend using a tweezer as your nail could be burning hot
  • Place your dab in. When it begins to bubble, it’s time to inhale
  • Quickly place your carb cap on, and have fun

Re-heat Method 

  • Fill your insert up with the dab of your choice 
  • Drop it into your quartz nail
  • Heat your nail up until your dab begins to bubble
  • Stop heating, and start inhaling
  • Place your cab cap on and go to town

What Do You Look for in a Quartz Insert?

Buying an insert is no hassle. All you need to know is what size you need. Quartz inserts come in 4 different sizes. These are: 15, 18, 20 and 25 mms. Always get one that is 5 mm smaller than the width of your nail’s bucket. Just to make things clear, this means a bucket with a 35 mm diameter would need a 30 mm insert. 

What’s the Verdict? 

Quartz inserts make for an easier, and most importantly, better dabbing experience. Who wouldn’t want that?