10mm 14mm 18mm Male Female 90 Degree Quartz Flower Bowl | Honeybee Herb
QUARTZ FLOWER BOWL $29.99 Free Shipping
Material - Quartz Bowl Diameter - 24mm Height - 74mm Thickness - 2mm Joint - Frosted 14mm Male Features a Built-In Quartz Screen   The Quartz Flower Bowl from Honeybee Herb is the perfect addition to your favorite flower water bong. It features a frosted 14mm male joint, 22mm bowl, and a convenient handle for ease of use. Entirely made of quartz, this flower bowl is both durable and looks amazing. It features a quartz screen that is in the shape of a star at the bottom of the herb bowl. This 14mm bong bowl is different than your standard flower bowl, which usually has a single hole at the bottom. This star-shaped design allows for amazing airflow and massive rips. It also makes cleaning it a breeze! It is less likely to get clogged because of the many areas of entry for airflow. Simply soak in a little isopropyl alcohol, and it cleans up as if it is brand new! Another feature of the Quartz Flower Bong Bowl is the 45-degree and 90-degree angle joint. With a bend of approx. 20°, the flower bong bowl remains vertical, even when placed  slider. In case you are wise to make use of a 90-degree angle, then you may do so as well.   Need a Water Pipe to pair your Quartz Flower Bowl with? Then look no further than right here. Check out our flower bong and get the perfect match for your herb bowl.