What is A Bong Flower Bowl? And Easy Cleaning Guide

What is a Flower Bowl( 2 min cleaning guide )

A bong typically comes with a removable bowl. This bong bowl is referred to as a Slide or a Bong Flower Bowl. These are essential accessories that allow you to utilize your bong with flowers. 

In this blog, we will talk about a Flower Bowl, what a bong flower bowl is, its types, benefits, and how to clean a bong bowl. Keep reading if you love the flower power!

What Is A Bong Flower Bowl?

A Bong Flower Bowl is a removable bowl that comes with your bong. These Flower Bowls are usually round and have 1-3 small air holes in the center of the bowl. This maximizes your airflow for an even burn when you load and light your flower.

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Flower Bowl Material Types?

Flower Bowls can come in different materials, shapes, and sizes. They can be made from glass or quartz, and old-fashioned ones can be made out of wood.

Glass is standard and cheap, but unlike quartz, it is less durable. Flower Bowls can come in various color combinations and designs to fit your preferences.

Benefits Of Cleaning Your Bong Flower Bowls?

Cleaning your Bong Flower Bowls is just as important as cleaning your bong. It would be best to clean your bowl to prevent clogging and excess residue from being built up on the sides. 

Leftover residue can cause your fresh flower to taste differently and burn unevenly. A residue buildup can also cause bacteria growth; you don't want to avoid inhaling that into your lungs.

How To Clean A Bong Flower Bowl?

Cleaning your flower bong bowl is easy and should be done often. Cleaning your Bong Flower Bowl is as easy as these simple steps:

Step 1: Remove any remaining flowers left in the bowl. 

Step 2: Fill a plastic bag, like a zip lock bag, with your cleaning solution.

Step 3: Place your flower bowl in the bag and zip the bag. 

Step 4: Shake vigorously for a few minutes and watch as the residue melts.

Step 5: Rinse thoroughly with warm water and allow to dry 100% before next use.


Bong Flower Bowls are a much-needed accessory for smoking flowers and using a bong. They are easy to load, easy to light, and easy to clean. 

With proper care, you can keep your Bong Flower Bowl in tip-top shape and get the best taste and even burns during your entire smoking experience.


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