Brand Honeybee Herb
Cold Start Compatible No
Material Borosilicate Glass
Glass Type Mixed
Glass Style Mulitcolored
Style Slurper Cap


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3 Pack of Crystal Terp Slurper Set Of Opal UFO Slurper Carb Cap, Mushroom Terp Pillar, And Terp Pearl Packaging View




  • Material - Glass
  • Universally Compatible - No
  • Cap - 26mm
  • Mushroom - 12mm
  • Pearl - 6mm
  • Auto Spin - Yes

Also Known As

  • Carb Cap 
  • Spinner Style Carb Cap
  • Slurper Cap


Take your set up to the top with the Crystal Slurper Set! This stylish spinner-style carb cap set comes in a three-pack and is sure to be a showstopper at your next sesh! The set includes a cap, a mushroom, and a pearl. 

The slurper-style carb cap design allows ample movement with terp pearls. The design is perfect for even heat distribution and making sure that your product is vaporized effectively, leaving minimal pooling and waste. 


Some examples of compatible bangers would be the HoneySuckle Bevel

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Make your dabbing more amazing with this carb cap by using different types of inserts.


What Will I Get In The Crystal Terp Slurper Set Package?

Yes, it’s a 3 product package of Honeybee Herb. You will get 2 matching inserts, like 1 terp pearl and 1 mushroom, with the Crystal Terp Slurper Set at a reasonable price.