Brand Honeybee Herb
Airflow Type Single Hole
Material Glass
Glass Type Wig Wag
Glass Style Mulitcolored



Size: 14mm

Color: Lime-Green

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14mm Male Frosted Joint Lime-Green Color Wig Wag Glass Slide Bong Flower Bowl Packaging View


14mm / Lime-Green

14mm / Lime-Green
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Let your inner artist shine with this beautiful two-tone Flower Bowl Slide! Perfect for a unique and eye-catching look on any waterpipe, this slide is filled with vivid vibrant colors swirly patterned in a fabulous flower bowl design. It's the perfect way to customize your glass while adding a hint of brightness and fun to your experience.

Made from premium quality materials, this product provides you with smooth function every time you use it. Straightforward to handle and clean, the color combinations give it an edge over other slides. Choose from four different stunning options which look stunning when used together—stand out and be the envy of your friends with this amazing accessory!

So why wait? Get creative and add some wow factor to your smoking experience while spicing up your decor with these amazing Flower Bowl Slides today!

Check out or other flower bowls or if you need an adaptor we got you covered.