Brand Honeybee Herb

Phoenix Star Square Base 10 Inches Bong


Color: Blue

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Phoenix Star Square Base 10 Inches Bong

Phoenix Star Square Base 10 Inches Bong




  • Height - 10 inches
  • Thickness - 5 mm
  • Feature - Square Base               
  • Black Keck Clip
  • Color - Black, Green, Blue

Also Known As

  • Square Bottom Bong
  • Phoenix Star Square Base 10-inch Bong
  • 10 inch Bong


This is the Phoenix Star Square Base Bong. Standing 10 inches tall, this Square Base 10 10-inch bong is sure to be a fan favorite! 

Phoenix Star Square Base 10 Inches Bong is made from high-quality glass. This Phoenix Star Square Base Bong features an ice pinch to add ice for even cooler smoke action and comes with a black keck clip to easily detach and reattach, as well as providing extra stability to your downstem and joint. 

This Square Base Bong includes a matching downstem and 14mm flower bowl to make the deal even sweeter! 


Bong Vs. Bubbler - While you're at it, let us help you decide which is best for you!  

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What Is A Square Base Bong? 

A square base bong is a bong that has a square-shaped bottom instead of a beaker-shaped bottom, like most traditional bongs have.