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Bowl Material - Glass and Silicone

Size - 4"x2"

Bowl Opening - 16mm diameter

Grinder Material - Plastic

Size - 60mm diameter

Rolling Tray Material -  Metal

Many smokers prefer to use glass for many reasons; flavor, efficiency etc. The problem that arises when traveling with glass is that it has the potential to break when dropped on a hard surface. The Pipe Travel Pack solves both of those problems in one handy piece. This two piece glass pipe sits inside of a silicone body that protects the glass from breakage and also provides the clean tasting hit off of glass that most smokers prefer. The Pipe Travel Kit also includes a plastic grinder with storage compartment, and a metal rolling tray; So you can easily prepare and use your flower virtually anywhere, on the go. 

Grab a Pipe Travel Kit for your next adventure today!! We promise it will come in handy!!