Brand Honeybee Herb
Weld Standard Weld
Angle 90° Degree
Bottom Material Clear
Heating Type Torch / Heat Wand
Bottom Style Round
Arm Style Standard
Top Edge Bevel
Style Auto Spinner / Vortex

Standard Weld



Size: 14mm

Type: Male

Out of stock
Splash Bucket Whirlwind YL 90° Degree Quartz Banger With  14mm Male Joint Clear View
Size: 14mm / Type: Male

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Splash Bucket Whirlwind YL 90° Degree Quartz Banger With  14mm Male Joint Clear View


14mm / Male

14mm / Male
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  • Height - 50mm
  • Top Outer Diameter - 20mm
  • Bottom Outer Diameter - 25mm
  • Wall Thickness - 2.5mm
  • Center Tube - 4mm
  • Edge - Beveled
  • 90° All in One Frosted Joint
  • Tourbillon Slits
  • Butane Torch Recommended
  • Compatible Pearl Size(s) - 4mm, 6mm
  • Recommend Carb Cap(s) - Marble Cap, Marble Sets, Bubble Cap

Also Known As

  • Splash Bucket Banger
  • Round Bottom Banger
  • Auto-spinner Banger


If you ever wanted a perfect combination of our Splash Bucket and Whirlwind, we have it! Introducing the Splash Bucket Whirlwind Quartz Banger. This round-bottom bucket dab banger is made from high-quality quartz and features two auto-spinner holes for maximum airflow and vaporization! 

This tourbillon slits banger comes in a 14mm male, 90-degree joint. The approximately same features of the Splash Bucket Whirlwind Quartz Banger can be found within the Black Line

The Splash Bucket design keeps your product from being wasted and pulled into the neck while allowing you to take big dabs easily! 

It has all the functionality of our popular Whirlwind Quartz Banger and the capacity for globs like our Splash Bucket! It is the best of both worlds and popular in any sesh!


Auto spinners can be paired perfectly with terp pearls and should spin with no trouble! Lucky for you, we have tons of inserts and accessories to choose from, like our honey pearls!

Looking for a cap, too? With this beveled-edged banger, we recommend the Honey Bubble Carb Cap, Honey Hive Bubble Cap, or a Marble of your choice!

What Is a Carb Cap? - After you are all stocked up, check out our blogs! From cleaning to picking out your perfect Carb Cap, we have everything you need! 


Will Your Product Splash Out Of This Splash Bucket?

No, due to the deep, round bottom, your product should not be pulled down the neck. 

Why Would I Use A Marble Set As A Cap? 

The top marble of our marble set fits perfectly in the beveled edge of this banger, creating a good seal and ultimate vaporization.