From Wax to Shatter: How To Store Different Types of Cannabis Concentrates?

How to Store Cannabis Concentrates - Honeybee Herb

Most people probably don't think that much about properly storing their concentrates, or they don't think it really makes a difference. 

However, different types of concentrates last longer and are better kept when properly stored. Keep reading to learn more about how to properly store your dab concentrates.

Why Is It Important To Store Concentrates Properly?

Different concentrates have different types of consistencies. This means that not all can be stored in the same way.

Resin and badder have the type of consistency to be stored in a glass jar, but shatter has the type of consistency that wouldn't do well in a glass jar as opposed to other options. 

Storing your cannabis concentrates properly also ensures that the potency and quality of your product lasts longer.

How Long Do Concentrates Last?

Concentrates can last a long time if they are stored correctly. If stored incorrectly, they can lose the quality, potency, and aroma of your product over time.

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Type Of Storage Duration.

Depending on how you choose to store your dabs is what determines if you have short-term or long-term storage.

Short-Term Concentrate Storage:

Short-term storage would be your concentrate stored in a silicone jar. This type of storage is easily accessible and usually stored in a cooler, dark place for a week or so at a time.

Long-Term Concentrate Storage:

Long-term storage is done when you use an air-tight jar or vacuum seal. This can increase the longevity of your dabs. An air-tight seal and the combination of a refrigerant and dark space ensure that your concentrates don't lose any of their good qualities.

How Should You Store Concentrates?

Different concentrates require different storage methods due to how they are made and their different consistencies; here are a few examples:

Parchment Paper:

Parchment paper is considered a short-term storage option. This is ideal for concentrates like shatter due to its consistency. 

To make it last a little longer, store it in a cool, dark place, and you can even put it in an air-tight food-saver bag for a little longer use, but as long as it is exposed to the elements, it will deteriorate over time.

Glass Jar:

A glass jar is the most ideal container for longer-term storage. These jars have an air-tight seal and can be easily cleaned. Storing your concentrates in a glass jar and putting them in a refrigerator can increase the longevity of your product.

Silicone Jar:

Silicone jars are super versatile for storing many different types of concentrates. Different consistencies are very easily scooped out of a silicone jar. However, it is not ideal for long-term storage due to the fact you cannot get an air-tight seal.

Plastic Jar:

Plastic is not the most ideal storage due to concentrates getting stuck, and it is a pain to get it cleaned out; however, if you are in a pinch, a plastic jar will work for short-term storage.

Conditions & Temperature

Light, temperature, and wax containers all have an effect on your concentrates. Whether these effects are good or bad is dependent on you. 

Concentrates are best stored in a cool, dry, dark area in an air-tight container. This ensures that your products do not start diminishing, last longer, and have a better shelf life compared to those stored differently.

Tips On Freezing Concentrates

Freezing your dab concentrates is considered a long-term storage option. Properly seal your concentrates in an air-tight container and vacuum seal to make sure there is no humidity in your product. Then you can place your container in the dab fridge, and it can sit for some time. 

When you go to use your frozen concentrates, cut your seal and allow it to sit at room temp to get excess moisture off; if not, you get a sizzling effect when you go to dab.

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5 Concentrate Storage Tips From Cannabis Experts

Here are some tips and tricks from cannabis experts on how and why you should store your concentrates properly.

  • Quality Containers. High-quality containers are air-tight and do not allow a lot of light.
  • Avoid. Clear containers invite light in, and this can help speed up the deterioration process of your concentrates.
  • Clean. Cleaning your containers thoroughly is important. This ensures you aren't mixing your products and bacterial residue isn't present when storing your next product.
  • Safety. Always think about your health and safety. Remember, this is something you are inhaling into your body.
  • Check. Check your containers and make sure you see no deterioration and bacterial growth. This can happen easily if your products are not properly stored.

Final Thoughts

If you didn't know how to properly store your concentrates, you should now. Proper storage affects the quality and shelf life of your cannabis concentrates, and it is always recommended to properly store them. 

Overall, it is better for your health and the quality of the product you are smoking.

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